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Do kits expire?

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  • Do kits expire?

    I didn't know where to post this and I couldn't find any information on the family tree website, but u ordered my kit in March of 2014 and am just now emotionally ready to take the test. Has my kit expired? When I pull up my account it shows no button or link order history, but it won't let me order a new mtDNA kit because it says it already exists. So two part question do the kits expire and should I have an order history or will that not show up until I send in my kit.
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    The kits are good for several years.


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      It sounds like when you ordered your kit in 2014, you ordered an mtDNA test.

      You should have an orange link on your myFTDNA home page, under "Your Account," for "Complete Order History." If so, on that page it should show a section for "Kit," with columns for Order Status and Date for: "Ordered" (when you ordered the kit), and "Sent" for when FTDNA mailed it to you.

      If you don't see all that, I would contact FTDNA and see what they say.

      I had a kit, sent to one relative, that was not used for well over a year, and it turned out fine. As long as they are kept at room temperature (not extreme heat - don't leave in a car!), kits should last for some time.

      I am now waiting on yet another relative's kit to be batched (USPS says it was delivered last week). Since I ordered it in Dec. 2014, when I log into that account that kit has shown dates for when it was ordered, when FTDNA sent it, and has Order Status and date for "Family Finder," even though it's just recently that the person actually used the kit and mailed it. I am hoping to see a batch number assigned in a couple of days (fingers crossed!).