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Deep Clade Offer M172, once again

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  • Deep Clade Offer M172, once again

    Hi, I also have a question about the recent $99 offer for J2 / M172 deep clade testing. I'm not an expert DNA genealogy sleuth, only have a rudimentary knowledge about this, so please excuse the inexact language. About 3 years ago I had a Y37 test, and my halpogroup result was J2. Like other J2's, I was a bit disappointed that my results didn't go any further up the "tree". If I understand correctly, the new $99 offer would test a bunch of SNP's to see if my DNA could now be identified with a more specific subclade, one that might tell me a little more about my paternal line origins (I'm especially interested in geographic regions associated with specific subclades, the more narrow the better).

    If I understand correctly, there is no guarantee. I could pay the $99 and the results could still be "J2", as all the subclade tests could be negative. So I'm wondering, what are the chances that this new test will tell me something that the earlier "backbone" classification test didn't? Has a lot more J category subclade knowledge been gained over the past few years? Why shouldn't I wait 5 years until even more subclades for J2 might be known? I'm a casual FTDNA customer regarding Y testing, mostly just interested in geographic and possible ethnic specificity, as close to the modern age as possible. So is this test for me? Thanks for any thoughts. Jim G

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    The first thing to do, if you haven't already, is to join the appropriate haplogroup project. For J2, that would be or or both.

    Haplogroup project administrators are the experts about their haplogroup and I would venture to say that they know more about their haplogroup than FTDNA does. It is a fact that the official FTDNA haplotree is behind all the trees used by the haplogroup project administrators, although there may be an exception to that here and there.

    The reason that the haplogroup project administrators are the experts is that they generally have hundreds of or a few thousand members in their project and usually can spot certain STR signatures that correlate well with specific subclades. Plus, they have access to their members' Big Y results and, in many cases, have used members' Big Y "shared novel variants" (newly discovered SNPs) to build the haplotree with new subclades.

    Once you're a member of either project, my guess is that they'll be able to place you within a cluster or subclade. Also, their advice about the J2 SNP pack test and what it will tell you will probably answer the questions you're asking.

    Although I'm no expert on J2, I think it's not too likely that you'll end up with negative results for all SNPs in the J2 SNP pack. I think if you did test negative for all SNPs in that test, the J2 experts would be very excited, because it would imply that you're a member of an unknown subclade. They might even raise money to have you order the Big Y, to find new SNPs in your results.


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      Originally posted by JimG View Post
      I could pay the $99 and the results could still be "J2", as all the subclade tests could be negative.
      YFull has not encountered any such person. All J2 analyzed by YFull are either M102+ or M410+ .