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    Originally posted by Bill Masterson View Post
    Okay. I'm confused. Confused because I don't always understand what I've done, after doing it .. or why. ...
    But I still don't know what I should be looking for, to determine if anything new is revealed. Sorry for being such a klutz with this stuff, but I've never fully understood the 'drilling down' into the DNA. Thanks for whatever "light" you can shed on my situation.
    This is why one joins one more projects and asks for expert opinion. It saves confusion, time, and money.

    There's R1B project whose purpose is the guide folks downstream to other projects. These folks know their areas quite well and can make further testing suggestions. I'd suggest joining this one and others.

    Look on the chart on this link:

    There's an R-M222 group, too:

    There's an R-L21 group (this one you should really join and ask questions for further testing):

    I found my terminal SNP this way. I knew I was L226 (based upon a smart project admin following my Y67), there was a Z253 pack which fully covered what was under L226, and I found I was exactly FGC5660 (and negative for everything underneath it - also important).

    There's an M222 SNP pack which drills down further for you. Ask whether this is appropriate for you.

    Good luck!
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      will R-U152 or L2 SNP packs be available in near future?

      For people that are already confirmed as R-U152 and L2+, has anyone heard if a U152 or L2 and downstream SNP pack will be available at all, or anytime soon?