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Single SNP tested ordered and batched without knowledge?

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  • Single SNP tested ordered and batched without knowledge?

    I noticed recently one of my kits that I've tested Y37 (I-P37)and then single SNP S17250(negative result) has another SNP (Y4460) ordered and batched, but I didn't order it?
    what happened? Is there some new development and FTDNA is testing that SNP for many people for free? Can others order single SNP tests for you?
    I'm not going to complain if that's the case! But I noticed that within at least one of my projects other negative S17250 have been regrouped too.
    Just curious...?

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    First, check with anyone else whose email address is on the account, and anyone else who has the account's password. Such person may have placed the order, or given permission for the order (e.g., if an administrator or a match offered to pay for it).

    Second, administrators can place orders. But FTDNA rules are clear: They can do so only with the consent of the project member.

    Third, I have seen rare cases where FTDNA itself created a test order, essentially to double-check a previous test result. Usually this is done "behind the scenes," but occasionally it does appear visibly in the customer's account.
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