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  • New Relative and Project Search?

    Not sure where to post this but will try here.

    Using the advanced option on this search for a surname and selecting 'DNA matches only' how are we able to contact the match? If the person with the tree is actually one of our matches we have no way to know which one.

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    I'd like to know as well. In trying this new feature...I'm searching for the name Parke in particular. A lot of trees showed up with the name Parke and it seems I can access many of them. Are the ones with these trees my matches? I mean, there's quite a few...pages of them. Now, some are marked "you must be a dna match to view this tree" - I understand this . It obviously means that I'm not a dna match but what about the others? I may not be a genetic match with them concerning the name Parke, but am I still a match with another line regardless? Because this is fairly signficant to me. Nearly of those trees have Robert Parke of MA has their Parke ancestor. And it through this Parke family that I've been trying to establish a link and have been unable to. Thanks.