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    It always seems the delay notices go up when you've hit the earliest date in the range. Originally, my father's Y 67 test was due for completion yesterday (as of the 1st). Then, as the date was hit, it got extended out a couple of weeks.

    As has been mentioned my me previously and and many others. If there's going to be a delay, notify earlier or just pad the expected date a little so folks are pleased with the early response instead of having the goal post pushed back just as you reach it.

    Or do a percentage based likelihood of hitting your target (i.e. 50% likelihood of being between Sep 2 and 16, 25% for Sep 16-30, etc.

    It's not the delay per se that bothers me, it is the constant, continued, extensions.


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      Originally posted by 1/2finn View Post
      I so agree with you gtc - it is the lack of knowledge that upsets me. I don't understand the mentality of FTDNA in keeping their customers in the dark.
      Customer communication is not a priority of FTDNA's CEO. If it were, it would not feature as an issue as frequently as it does here and elsewhere on the web.