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    I'm not sure I understand your comment. Yes, I received an email late in the afternoon announcing the new Global search. My point is that I think people should have been given an opportunity to know about this change and adjust their privacy settings beforehand.

    I'm a competent, experienced FTDNA customer, but I did not realize that some of my trees had various levels set to public. I like for my trees to be freely viewable to DNA matches, but I definitely never changed the settings to make the data public, so that was either a default or some side effect.

    I don't understand the utility of this feature for non-customers. Even if you want your tree to be public, there's no way for anyone to contact you. All it allows people to do is lift tree information with no sources given. That is not good genealogical practice.

    For logged-in matches, it's also of limited usefulness. In many cases, the tree owner is shown as "Private Member Tree" and if they're not visible at the root, I have no way of knowing who they are, especially if the match is female and listed on the FF page under her married name. Why is this set so that your matches' trees are not listed under their names?


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      Need Information on the New Feature

      I received an email with a somewhat blurry screen shot announcing this new feature. I did a surname search for LaJoie on my home page matches and came up with 0. Yet, when I search in the new feature there are 5 pages of LaJoie matches. I do not have any matches that are shown as private. Where are these purported matches coming from?


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        Global Search

        I think it is a very helpful feature. Thank you. Yes, it would be nice to be able to get in touch with some of these people who have their trees marked private but perhaps in time. Appreciate the improvement.


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          I edited my profile information and made it public, and I have been contacted already by two non-DNA Match cousins (one 3rd, one 4th) who I did not know of.

          By taking our details to Gedmatch in each instance I have discovered a match which is below the FtDNA threshold but a high enough SNP and cM count to seem valid, based on the common family tree.

          Latest news on one is a triangulation with a third party and a common ancestor has been confirmed. The third party is an FtDNA match with each of us, be we were not with each other.

          So I'm more pleased than ever with this feature. I did have to take the rather unsettling step of making my profile public, but I've received no spam and I'm now comfortable with it. Living people in my trees remain private.


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            Originally posted by travers View Post
            Meh. 90% of the trees that do show are listed as a "Private Member's Tree", so you don't know who submitted the tree....
            It's been my experience that the person's name is sometimes visible if you click on "private member's tree" to view the tree. It still seems to be dependent on their privacy settings, but I saw several names this way yesterday. Look at the top of the screen when you view the tree.