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Expected dates and lab delays

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  • Expected dates and lab delays

    Hello all,

    I just wanted to pass this along from the management team.

    We understand that our current delays are frustrating our customers. Recent changes in our pending date process are also causing stress and this is not our intention. We want to provide each of you the most accurate, up-to-date information about where you are in the process. Keep in mind that at this time, we cannot message individual kits and tests. We message only by batch number and test type.

    What this means is that we initially tell you what your pending date is based on our average run time for that specific test at that time. We listened to your feedback and changed our pending dates to a date range to give you a better idea of when your test will be ready. As your testing reaches the end of your pending date range, we evaluate your batch and test type and determine how much additional time the overall grouping should need to complete the process. Our system does not know the exact reason your individual test may be delayed, only that it is not complete. In other words, your test may have failed and have to be completely reprocessed, or it may just need a final quality control check and be uploaded.

    We appreciate your continued patience as we work through our backlog. We have updated our Learning Center page to better reflect our testing times as well. You may read more here:

    For the quickest response time to ask questions about your test status, please fill out a contact us form and choose the Test Status category:

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