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    Some Advanced notice would help GA's HELP FT-DNA

    I have three GEOGRAPHIC DNA projects with FT-DNA. I am pretty hands-on and do check my project members matches every two or so days.

    I wish FT-DNA would at least put out an email to the GA's to explain changes BEFORE they go public. For example, when the family tree option went live we still don't have the geographic locations added. Knowing the GEOGRAPHIC location is crucial for our projects.

    I have no clue what to tell people this new My Groups is even all about. This is the first I'm hearing of it. So no, I have NOT clicked on update all my projects until I know more. Is there somewhere to see what the My Groups is all about?

    Why do all the places FT-DNA report updates seem "out of date?" Perhaps, FT-DNA should get on the SAME page first, then let us help YOU!



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      I think our group will be opting out of this monstrosity. It is fine if everyone in your group is from the same line. But us Garrisons have many different lineages and Haplogroups about 215 members. The discussions started by one sub-group and picked up by another will get our members confused and will only set us back years after getting these lines convinced by DNA that they are not a descendant of the other subgroups!!!!

      Some members become easily confused and this will set our project back. If they could let us restrict members activity to their own sub groups within our group it might work. But we can't have them trading information outside the sub-groups or they will just get confused!

      The coupons should be delivered to EVERYONE and not to rely on us to put them out.


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        Originally posted by Táltos View Post
        At some point yesterday I could not see the STR results for one project, but I could see them in yours. Presently I can see everything in both projects. But I now get the Server Application for just trying to look at my brother's matches! I really hope they fix this soon. It is reminding me of when GEDmatch goes down.
        Meant to say Server Error message (was too tired writing this last night). Anyway I also had problems just going to log in after that happened. The FTDNA website wouldn't load and the screen would say Server Error. Now this morning I can login to the FTDNA website, and see my brother's matches. I hope this doesn't contiue to happen. I'm concerned because it was the same Server Error message I was getting when I couldn't see the STRs in myGroups.


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          FTDNA has told us that ALL projects will be converted to MyGroups as of April 16. Admins can convert between now and then. If we haven't converted they will make the conversion to any remaining projects.
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            Don't like the new groups interface

            If I wanted to yammer away like on Facebook I go there. I don't like having to scroll through the yammerings in the Activity Feeds.

            Project announcements and extended discussions and analyses by the project admins should remain on separate pages.

            Message notifications on group yammerings is irritating, to put it mildly. I have no way of controlling in my settings to turn that off. On the other hand, a notification that an analysis/discussion page has been updated would be nice, and project admins should be able to control whether or not to broadcast an update notification.

            Why do I feel like this website is getting dumbed down ?
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              The background pages of the project are hidden under "About."

              Maybe half the problem could be solved if I as a project member could specify a default view page so I would not see the Activity Feed unless I click to view it.
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                Originally posted by sbarr10 View Post
                If I wanted to yammer away like on Facebook I go there. I don't like having to scroll through the yammerings in the Activity Feeds.

                Why do I feel like this website is getting dumbed down ?
                Do you think you might feel that way because it is?


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                  MyGroup Coupons

                  Have MyGroup coupons come to an end? I never saw an announcement saying how long they would be issued. I haven't seen an announcement saying they have ended. I haven't seen any codes posted today.


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                    Lost myGroups interactive links

                    Yesterday I lost all the interactive links (pictures, questions etc)on the Activity Feed in myGroups.

                    Also the coupon was not updated and I cannot reply to any messages.

                    Any update on these issues?



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                      Still Nothing

                      No new coupon codes today!


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                        Just got coupon


                        I just got a new coupon at about 1315 PDT.

                        Now when I use the $20 coupon on a SNP order it gives the following:

                        "This coupon requires a greater amount to be purchased"

                        Well my total order is the SNP order so it should work and I have not seen a base order amount requirement listed?

                        I am getting new post in myGroups now but I still do not have any of the links to add a post etc., from my GAP page.



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                          At Last


                          I just received a reply to my request to FTDNA. They found there had been a problem and it has just been fixed.

                          I ordered L21 - $39 last week and used a $20 coupon and it worked. Sounds like I was lucky or you found another bug.


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                            I was just told that the order must be at least $40 for any coupon. This information will be added for tomorrow. I guess I was lucky.


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                              Thanks Jim,

                              So by the $40 base price requirement we cannot use the $10 and $20 coupons for single SNP testing Right now my donations are toward a single SNP that we need tested and not multiples.



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                                discount coupon codes

                                If it's true that they only work for orders totaling $40 or more they should certainly make that abundantly clear.

                                Advice to anyone at FTDNA who might see this:
                                Don't come up with gimmicks like this if you're going to have hidden restrictions.