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    In the past year, following several dramatic genetic discoveries, a large Lincolnshire Fisher Family Group has been constructed linking four separate families with previously no known connection. I now seek to extend this family group by appealing for more direct male-line Fishers to participate in our DNA testing programme.

    The focus of this programme will be on the families originating in the County of Lincolnshire in England. I am offering to cover the cost of DNA testing for participants who meet one of the following criteria:
    A. A free 37Y-DNA test for males with a documented descent from:
    1. John Fisher (bap 25 October 1730; died 26 July 1818 Linwood, Lincolnshire). Whose descendants are believed to be living in or near Sheffield and Lincoln today or recently.
    2. Matthew Fisher, bap.10 July 1786, Barton on Humber, Lincolnshire, the son of John and Jane Fisher. Died on 11 January 1859. Lived Louth, Lincolnshire; occupation: Joiner. His male-line descendants are believed to be living in or near Liverpool, Grimsby and Lincoln today.

    B. A free 12Y-DNA for any Fisher family with a documentary descent from an ancestor living pre-1800 in the County of Lincolnshire, England or the adjacent parts of neighbouring counties, in particular:
    1. Any male-line descendant of John Fisher of Great Yarmouth and Ormesby, J.P., (1752-1835) by Martha (nee Goate) Fisher
    2. Any male-line descendant of Gilbert Fisher (1579-1633) of Red Hall, Bourne, Lincolnshire
    3. Any male-line descendant of Octavian Fisher (1541-1610) of Threekingham, Lincolnshire.

    In the event of a 12/12 match between any of B.1, B.2 and B.3 with the Lincolnshire Fisher Family Group the test may be elevated to a higher precision.
    Each request will be reviewed on an individual basis. A pedigree chart must be submitted at the time of the request. Contact: John Fisher, Project Administrator – Fisher DNA Project