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Updates & Feedback on new Family Tree

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  • Updates & Feedback on new Family Tree

    Hi folks,

    There's apparently mixed reaction to the new tree. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people are in between.

    Please understand that we'll never be able to completely please everyone Some people want simple, others want the bells and whistles. It's always a challenge to strike a balance.

    However, if you keep the constructive feedback coming, that will help us to see where we need to make further improvements. Comments like "I hate it" aren't going to help. Tell us exactly what you do like and what you don't like and how you'd like to see it improved.

    Since there's already another thread going with discussion about the new Family Tree, I'm going to lock this one and just link to the existing thread:

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    Issues Resolved Since the Beta

    We're listening and appreciate your feedback. We did so during the beta and we'll continue do so.
    Since launching the Family Tree beta on Aug. 21, we fixed dozens of issues over the following few weeks. Some of them are outlined below:
    • Accept diacritics (e.g. ñ)
    • Fixed an issue that prevented people from viewing profiles on the iPad.
    • Tutorial on how to use the tree
    • Added a legend to show what the icons mean.
    • Stricter suggestion algo to show more relevant users when a match's name is similar to someone on your tree.
    • Started using middle names for match suggestions.
    • Created a list of possible connections when a match's name is similar to someone on your tree. Avoids having a user pan all over the tree.
    • When seeing if a woman's name is a match, test the following combos: first name + surname, first name + middle name, first name + husband's last name, first name + father's last name
    • Made it more obvious how to upload a GEDCOM.
    • Fixed an issue where some migrated GEDCOMs had the last name put in the middle name field AND the surname field.
    • Prevented GEDCOM data from being overwritten when when linking to a empty profile.
    • Added a "New" banner to Family Tree icon on dashboard to make it stand out.
    • For the "Matches" widget and the panning box, we changed the - to a + when minimized.
    • Several issues with the "Matches" widget not showing all the relevant data.
    • The "Matches" widget now sorts by relationship, then by name for Y-DNA and mtDNA.
    • Fixed several dialogs whose dimensions were too big and caused some buttons to not be visible on the screen.
    • Changed birth and death date to have the month abbreviation instead of the #. For example, we're now showing "Aug" instead of "8".
    • When a user search for someone on the tree and there are no results, show a message on the "results" section that says "No results found."
    • Fixed an issue where uploaded pictures showed up on a user's profile, but not on the tree.
    • Allowed users to click and drag a name from the "Matches" widget and assign it to self (instead of just being able to create a relationship to that person).
    • Added an option to add a new relationship to someone already on your tree. This is helpful when someone is connected in multiple ways (e.g. 4th cousin on your mom's side and 5th cousin on your dad's side).
    • Dozens of other issues, feature requests, and bugs

    I can promise you that we'll continue to listen closely to your feedback, but I can't promise we'll get to everything that has been recommended. Feel free to continue to post constructive criticism on the forums or send an email to [email protected] to have your feedback considered.
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      Known Issues & Common Requests

      This post will contain a list of known issues and will be updated as they are resolved. I'll try to keep a list of the most common requests here as well.

      Known Issues -- We're working on a resolution for these
      • FIXED! Some GEDCOM uploads are getting stuck
      • FIXED! After GEDCOM upload, the tester's name doesn't always show in the selection box
      • Almost Fixed... Long-deceased ancestors showing as Private
      • FIXED! When zoomed out, surnames are small and given names are large (should be the other way)
      • FIXED! Missing matches in Matches tabs
      • FIXED! Search results list not scrollable
      • FIXED! Some users can't see the Save button when editing a profile
      • Dates with About, After, Before, Between not handled properly

      Common Requests - Some will be implemented, but please understand that we can't implement every request.
      • FIXED! Show middle names and locations without needing to click each node
      • FIXED! Search trees by locations, not just names
      • Horizontal pedigree view

      More soon...

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        Thanks again for the all the feedback! We've released some exciting updates to the Family Tree. Here are some of the major highlights:

        - Added a "Detailed Mode" setting. Enabling "Detailed Mode" hides pictures and shows full names, birth dates & location and death dates & location.
        - Fixed a bug where some deceased people were mistakenly marked living. You should now see more deceased people on your matches' family trees.
        - You can now search for any name when uploading a GEDCOM. Before, you had to choose a name from a pre-defined list.
        - Added the ability to share a link to your family tree. You can now easily share it via email, Facebook, etc.
        - Added the ability to search by birth and death location. Before, you could only search for names.
        - Renamed Family Tree to myFamilyTree to avoid confusion.
        - Added a 1-time callout for new users to try "Ancestry Mode". This mode shows your direct ancestors and descendants for up to 15 generations.
        - Fixed a few issues that were causing some users to not be able to use the family tree.


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          The script to fix the issue of deceased people being marked private is still running. It should be done soon.