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Gedcom problem fixed?

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  • Gedcom problem fixed?

    Just been through 20+ Gedcoms from the last 3 months or so and they all seem to be working now. Perhaps the problem is fixed?

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    I just checked one of my kits that had the Houston problem since results were posted in early May. It was still broken a few days ago, but now is working (finally, hooray). So perhaps you are right.


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      I can see the trees again, but would like to know what causes so many individuals to show as having unknown data for birth and death. The gedcoms I've uploaded for self and family include years and locations that don't show (but some does), and trees for matches generally have the same problem of strangely "unknown" dates and places. I mean, we all have some holes in our data, but clearly the import leaves out a lot of what should post.


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        Try re-upload your GEDCOMs, there was a problem some time ago (2 months?) that made a lot of the data not to import.