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batch calendar and statuses?

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  • batch calendar and statuses?

    I can no longer find updates on when batches are expected to be processed except in an old archived thread. The Calendar feature does not help.

    Is there any way to find out about the status of batch 547? My account still shows my test as due on March 28. Thanks.

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    I have the same question different batch number!

    Same question here but different batch numbers, lol's! I see you never got a reply, so I don't expect one either. Oh well, I sure would love to know how to get a straight answer on when to expect batch number 574 results...


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      The batch calendar was disabled since the batch numbers represent batches of orders, not batches of tests being processed by the lab at the same time.

      Every type of test has its own estimated timeframe. The estimate given on your Waiting for Results page is based on the type of test that you ordered.

      Waiting for Results was recently updated to provide an estimate of how many weeks remain until you receive your results, rather than providing an exact date -- since that date was always just an estimate anyway.

      Once the estimate reaches 1-2 weeks, it will stay there until the results are posted.

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        Thank you

        Thank you so much! Great answer! Now I understand how it works. That makes a lot of sense to because I understand different types of tests take different lengths of time to process, etc.

        Family Finder batch 574 1-2 Weeks is what it says in the order status page. No help there at all as you said, batches are different types of orders.

        The 1-2 weeks status has shown the same thing for 3 weeks or so....


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          Originally posted by CarolynHicks View Post
          The 1-2 weeks status has shown the same thing for 3 weeks or so....
          Yep, I posted about this in one of the other threads -- there was a bug that caused the estimate to drop to 1-2 weeks way too quickly, and that bug was finally fixed a few days ago



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            Wow! Didn't know that....

            Thank you so much, I didn't know that! You really have been helpful! So, hopefully, it will correct itself and show a correct estimate instead 1-2 weeks continually, lol's

            I'm thinking I'll probably see the actual results before that estimate changes...

            Again, thanks so much!