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    Trees are still missing dates and place but they have time to mess up the website making it slowing by switching to https also switching the forum so you cant change the style back to the old one.

    ftdna do you even have a backup of the tree page before you messed it up
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      Originally posted by migoblu View Post
      I keep getting

      The page isn't redirecting properly

      Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

      This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

      Try again

      I've cleared cookies, still getting same error.

      If this is maintenance, how long sre these links supposed to be down?
      I'm having this problem in Chrome. I deleted all cookies. No access to projects.


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        Kit not Returned???

        I am also getting this same message kit not returned. I did a transfer from 23andMe and was assigned a B number in June of 2012. Also when I look at my matches I cannot access their gedcoms, only my gedcom page opens.


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          glad it's not just me. I did the cookie and cache clear before checking here. I can't access projects, FF says I'm stuck in a loop that will never resolve


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            When I first signed in it says 'kit not returned'. "Click for test instructions. We are currently waiting on your kit to be returned to our office. We will not batch orders or process tests until we receive your kit. Click here for help completing your kit"

            If I click on "complete order history" I get this:

            01/10/2013 Received By Lab
            30/09/2013 Sent
            28/09/2013 Ordered Pay Now

            Those are the day I transfered my 23 and me data (and paid).

            I went to 'Matches' and they are all there, trees are not working = just get my own tree.
            I went to Chromosome Browser, it's working fine.


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              So all surname & other projects are inaccessible on the internet; am warning new members not to join yet.

              All Gedcoms further compromised- all matches in Family Finder are showing with Gedcoms which when clicked take you to your own Gedcom- not theirs.

              In GAP: lots of members are showing as 'Received Results' with tag DNA Exctraction- "What's That?" Even so , the member has no new results at all.

              Everything is soooo slooow to load.

              Every new front page upgrade to the website appears to destroy all the vital links to the database.

              Is there a 'Hacker in the House' ???


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                Just now seeing some life in my public project page.

                When I go -
                With our premier suite of DNA tests and the world’s most comprehensive matching database...your DNA has met its match!

                I get redirected to -
                Discover your DNA story and unlock the secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with our Autosomal DNA, YDNA and mtDNA tests!

                Looks good.

                BUT none of 4 the links under AboutThisGroup work.
                They all redirect to


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                  They are still having issues, I cant get logged in no matter what I try.


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                    Inconsistent and changing by the minute.

                    From the AboutThisGroup tab -
                    Backround redirects to
                    The other 3 all redirect to the main (ie Background) page.

                    External links all work fine.


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                      Any announcements yet?

                      It's almost 24 hours since the project websites went down.

                      Have there been any announcements at all from those-who-know?

                      Perhaps I missed them.


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                        Public websites seem to be up and working again.

                        Public websites seem to be up and working again.

                        I see no redirections to publicwebsite?vgroup=
                        any more.
                        Maybe they have reverted to the old working version.

                        Hope it stays up. Fingers crossed.


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                          Still not working!! Matches take forever to load but worse than that and Gedcom trees are still not loading.


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                            They have turned off their phones too.... No options available except leaving a Vmail. Fishy....


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                              Numerous errors since "down for maintenance"

                              I have had several significant errors on my site since the "maintenance" on Mar 13. I have communicated it now three times. None of the Gedcoms of matches will open.


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                                Surname Project Results all still down

                                Looks like our home page is up and running again but all results pages are definitely still offline.

                                Were the links all https: previously?
                                Secure ?

                                Still asking new members to hold off joining until the website and data base & gedcom links have all been fixed.