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  • My Heritage offer

    Has anyone any experience with MY Heritage?

    Also I am British so I want to know how helpful for British records?

    How does it compare to and do My Heritage have many different resources to Ancestry.


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    A further query: Is there any plan to use this partnership to connect family trees in Ancestry with DNA kits at FTDNA? A simple way to link an Ancestry tree to one's FTDNA profile, or vice versa, would go a long way to make the Family Finder more useful for genealogy. As things stand now, it looks like about 90% of the matches on the Family Finder haven't posted a pedigree.

    We need something from FTDNA that explains how the agreement with MyHeritage will benefit genetic genealogy.


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      My Heritage offer

      I also got email about my heritage, showing it came from ftdna. However very questionable as there is no mention that I can find on the ftdna website of this offer or their partnership. And the "deal" offering is for only a week? Can anyone enlighten me? I have been in genealogy for about 30 years and not had any dealing with my heritage. Thanks


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        Yikes, this is confusing!

        I had thought that MyHeritage was the latest parent company of The current information on Ancestry is that Inc. is now the parent organization, formerly The Generations Network. I was confusing MyHeritage with, a unit of Inc.

        Meanwhile, MyHeritage owns some genealogy sites that you may recognize, such as Geni and SuperSearch (which claims to have the world's largest collection of historical newspapers). There is a "new" link on the MyHeritage web site where you can order the Family Finder test and two others from FTDNA.

        The newspaper collection turns out to be, which is already available for free through the LDS Family History Centers.

        The question for FTDNA customers, then, is whether MyHeritage would give you access to something you can't already find on other sites. For me, probably not.


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          John: Ancestry has nothing to do with this partnership -- MyHeritage is a competitor of Ancestry


          Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage have had a partnership for several years now. MyHeritage is a re-seller of Family Tree DNA tests -- they're actually one of several re-sellers that FTDNA works with. Anyone who purchases an FTDNA test from MyHeritage is tested directly by FTDNA and goes into the FTDNA database. MyHeritage doesn't have its own DNA database.

          FTDNA periodically advertises specials on MyHeritage products/services to FTDNA customers. That's what today's email is about. You can check out the MyHeritage website to see if it's something you're interested in. If you're not interested, you can safely ignore/delete the email



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            I have a world membership at ancestry, however they don't test DNA on Canadians. I see that MyHeritage with FT will integrate my DNA to the family tree, is that right? I wish they would have given longer than a week to decide. I need time to ask around as to whether it's worth it to leave Ancestry.


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              Originally posted by sammy321 View Post
              I see that MyHeritage with FT will integrate my DNA to the family tree, is that right?
              No, they're not adding your DNA to any family trees. The "integrate" sentence just means that they are partnering together to offer FTDNA tests to MyHeritage's international customer base.



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                I would like to take advantage of this deal.

                Can I use my $100 "gift card" to pay for
                the myHeritage subscription? (since I can't really use it for anything else)


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                  i have used my Heritage for 2 years and while I had under 250 names it was free, but I have 540 names so I pay an annual fee. ( I could reach 600 by mid year)

                  They have a DNA test for 37 markers and a few others but they seem expensive...
                  I think the idea is that anyone who test DNA with my heritage would move to Ftdna.

                  This "alliance" would make Ftdna be similar to ancestry in comparing surname...that's opinion


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                    Ok thanks Elise. I think I'll stay with Ancestry. Perhaps in the future they will come on board for Canadian DNA testing.


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                      Hi, I work for FTDNA in Customer Support.

                      As Elise explained, MyHeritage is an affiliate of FTDNA. The tests you see on their site are FTDNA tests. There's nothing to move to FTDNA because the tests are our tests. MyHeritage does not, as Elise said have a DNA testing database, nor do they have your contact information unless you subscribe. That's why the offer came from us rather than from them.

                      If you have a test kit with FTDNA, PLEASE DO NOT order a test for yourself through MyHeritage with the thought of combining it with your existing kit. Order an upgrade through your own kit. Because they have their own payment system, we cannot help you with a refund or transferring funds to an existing kit. If you're buying for a new tester, it's fine to order through MyHeritage.

                      MyHeritage does own WorldVitalRecords and Their focus is on access to records and on housing your family tree. It a different interface and experience than Ancestry.

                      While MyHeritage properties have offices in the US, they are an internationally based company and their DNA test marketing efforts help our database grow in Europe and Asia.

                      For more information about the offer and the benefits of a MyHeritage membership I'd contact [email protected], or call them directly at 1-888-377-0588 M-F 7am-5pm MT.

                      Thank you!
                      Janine Cloud,
                      Customer Support


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                        No Spam Please

                        Getting emails through FTDNA from 3rd party "partners" is Spam.

                        How can I opt-out from receiving these emails?


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                          I would like to know what records you get access to if you subscribe that you don't get at and FamilySearch.


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                            Originally posted by ajmr1a1 View Post
                            Getting emails through FTDNA from 3rd party "partners" is Spam.

                            How can I opt-out from receiving these emails?
                            There should be links on the bottom of every e-mail that goes out from FTDNA. At least, there are when I put them together in the program and test them. Cyberspace footer-monsters may eat a few. ;-)

                            Note: I prepped the MyHeritage e-mail, but I did not write it.


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                              Originally posted by MoberlyDrake View Post
                              I would like to know what records you get access to if you subscribe that you don't get at and FamilySearch.

                              I like the MyHeritage product and really like the folks there. However, your best bet for answers is to head over to their website.
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