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    Originally posted by Jim Denning
    if the list owner puts r1b or e3b in the membership you will get it machines search enginges dont really know words
    I'm not the R1b owner. What does Charles have to do to make his group 'findable' through the ftDNA search engine again? .

    I am the group V owner. I can see no option to make this list visible. It's not the same as a surname or geographic project. One member un-joined and rejoined so he could find the project. After you join, if you don't bookmark it immediately, I know of know way to find it again. It's strange that on the "my ftDNA" page there is no option to go to the projects you are a member of, only the option to be removed from them.

    (as a Mac user, I'll refrain about any comments about windows hosted web sites)
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      There is a list of mtDNA projects on WorldFamilies at:

      There is also a list of Geographical projects at:

      I don't see a list of Y-DNA projects there.

      One should not have to go to a separate website to find a project! The programmers have been changing the various ways to find the project sites for a few weeks now. So far, they have just made it worse.

      Bill Hurst