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  • Jim Denning
    so when can we add colors?
    and what about halpogroup projects being not considered a reg project and /or one of the two you can join

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  • admin
    started a topic Changes and new features

    Changes and new features

    This Monday, 11/28/2005, Family Tree DNA changed the web site code from ASP to ASP.NET. This will add a wide array of possibilities in terms of new features for the personal pages, as well as for the Group Administrators pages.
    Even though some browsers do not yet support those features, the changes were made having in mind that overwhelming majory of browsers in use - Internet Explorer and Netscape. Hopefully, Mozilla will soon be able to support features like the table grid, which allows a Group Administrator to scroll the table at the "Generate Y-DNA" section, allowing to keep fixed the name and kit number - to be seen at all times, while scrolling horizontally and verically the area that contains the markers. You will also be able to sort the table by kit numbers, Haplogroups and DYS numbers.
    To give you an idea of of browser usage, and why we decided to implement those changes, even though Mozilla Firefox is an excellent browser, we are displying here the statistics of browser users, from the 155,000 + customers that Family Tree DNA received during the month of November.
    Users os Mozilla Firefox (and I am one of them, at home) can do what we are doing and ask Mozilla to implement the code changes to support those features. The more requests they receive, hopefully the sooner they'll implement it.
    In the meantime, we inserted a code that will recognize the browser that you are using and will upload the prior version of the page that cannot display correctly in that browser.
    You are welcome to report to me - [email protected] - any glitches that you may find during this conversion process, and we will try to resolve it as fast as we can. Thank you!

    HTML Code:
    Browser	Total Visits	%
    MSIE 6.x	110,407	70.85%
    Netscape 7.x	27,065	17.37%
    AOL 9.x	        10,804	6.93%
    MSIE 5.0x	2,283	1.47%
    MSIE 5.5	1,380	0.89%
    AOL 8.x	        821	0.53%
    Opera 3.x	766	0.49%
    AOL 4.x	        374	0.24%
    AOL 7.x	        341	0.22%
    Firefox	        264	0.17%
    Safari 1.x	255	0.16%
    WebTV 2.x	191	0.12%
    Unknown	        190	0.12%
    Opera 7.x	183	0.12%
    AOL 6.x	        100	0.06%
    Netscape 4.7	92	0.06%
    MSIE 4.x	76	0.05%
    Netscape 6.x	68	0.04%
    AOL 5.x	          56	0.04%
    Netscape 4.x	54	0.04%
    Avant	          22	0.01%
    Camino	          18	0.01%
    Netscape 4.5	8	0.01%
    Opera 6.x	3	0.00%
    Lotus-Notes	2	0.00%
    Netscape 2.x	1	0.00%
    Opera 5.x	1	0.00%