In the new myFTDNA interface, a red-and-white "new" glyph appears over the Matches buttons when new matches have been found. There should be a similar overlay over the Y-STR Results button when new Y-STR results are available.

Some customers do not know where to look when they receive "New DNA Test Results Posted..." emails. The Y-STR variety of these emails says "Follow the link below to access your myFTDNA account", but it does not explicitly mention the term "Y-STR".

So apparently it isn't clear enough to some customers that once logged into myFTDNA they need to click on the Y-STR Results button in order to view these new Y-DNA results. A visual hint would help.

It would also help to revise the message contained within these notification emails. Explicit instructions on how to access new Y-STR results should be in the second paragraph.

See the discussion in the batch 497 thread, from post 26 onward:

(On a related note, the decision to release other STR panels before the 1-12 panel is compete has had some unforeseen GUI consequences...)