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  • Project Website Page for Individual Lines

    On the project website under the tab "About This Group" you have 4 pages.
    Background, Goals, News, and Results.
    I would like to have another page available for adding info on the lines of individual participants. This would supplement the most distant ancestor info.
    It is something that the administrator could enter and would not require a GEDCOM.

    Many participants have 6-20 lines delineating their patriarchal line.
    This could help people find linkages between their lines.

    This is supplementary material that would bloat the Results page.
    It could be searched by anyone whether they are in the project or not.

    Perhaps the page could be titled, Individual Lines.

    The alternative is to put it on another page as Addendum which is a bandaid.

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    The James yDNA Project has the paternal lines of all members listed on the "Results" page. It doesnt "bloat" the page anymore than a new page would.