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    This sucks!

    Isn’t it ridicules how much they charge for an update every year or less? I think I’ll stay where I am.


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      I use FTM but would like to find a better program. I also use PAF for the Outline Ancestry Tree report. FTM doesn't have one that I like. When I want a report from PAF I must export my FTM file to PAF to print the reports. I am anxious to find out the results of this survey. A good program to track DNA results would be great.


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        GedView is not a full genealogy program, but a free gedcom reader.

        The most intereesting thing about it is the ability to see at a glance the

        Y-DNA and mtDNA family members.

        It's also nice that it's free for download at

        The only drawback is that it's very difficult to print the results if they are longer than one page and a print screen...


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          Started with this as it was supported by a large user group in the old DOS days. It still provides all my needs. May switch to Family Tree Maker or other, in the future. Reading comments here should give me guidance. The ability to transfer data between programs with GEDCom files was a great decision. - Seymour Paul


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            Brother's Keeper

            I have used Brother's Keeper for years. I have tried other programs, but I keep going back to my Brother's Keeper. It produces great reports.
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              Help with Generations to another software pkg.

              I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but oh well.
              I am trying to change my genealogy file from Generations to another software program. I like the layout and the reports, however it doesn't seem compatible with windows ME and the company no longer offers support or upgrades, since they were sold. My problem is I tried to send by GEDCOM to Family Tree Maker 2006, but my NOTES did not transfer. My sources did transfer, but not the notes. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.
              Thanks, Sherry


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                Family Tree Maker

                I use Family Tree Maker but:
                Although I have used this program for a long time, I have not upgraded
                from the Version 4.5. As I used this software I learned that there was
                many misgivings in my opinion. I have got use to these shortcomings and have lived with it, I begin with Broderbund, then Banner Blue, and now
                the Window version.


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                  You should add "Ancestry Family Tree". It is free software provided by that is very straight-forward and limited in problems.


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                    Interesting Poll

                    I have used PAF (Personal Ancestral File) for many years. It can be downloaded from the LDS website at no charge. I have used several of the more popular commercial programs over the years too, but I always return to PAF (not that there's anything wrong with the commercial programs). I do find PAF to be perfectly adequate for my requirements and you can't beat the price!


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                      family tree and linux

                      I'm using Linux and a query in this forum got no results. I know there are several Linux progarms and the question is: Any one with positive results?


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                        The Master Genealogists

                        I use TMG v. 6.0. Years ago I used Roots IV, when support was dropped I switched to TMG. They have a great import engine for those who want to move from a different program to TMG.

                        I also have Legacy, Rootsmagic and FTM. I maintain all data in TMG and use the others for reports and demos.


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                          I still use Generations version 4.2 by Sierra. It's fairly old, but has a very nice UI and great features that many newer programs lack. I've tried several other programs but always came back to this one.


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                            Family Tree Maker 2005

                            I have used FTM since they were Banner Blue, also and have been very pleased with the program.


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                              For mac users I'd also recommend looking at MacFamilyTree at It's half the price of Reunion and the developer provides frequent enhancement updates.


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                                Family Historian

                                Family Historian Version 3 is now available here in the UK and is very popular.