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  • I'm just starting to learn about genealogy. Still don't really know what I'm doing

    was the first program that was idiot-proof enough (I tried a few) to let me do things.


    • My Software is missing

      How come iFamily for Leopard is not listed? It is a fraction of the price of Reunion (for Mac) and has most of the same bells and whistles.


      • New Software

        I use, my partner and we have between us 106,353 blood relatives, of course we cannot upload the gedfile to FTDNA as it crashes everytime we try


        • Tmg

          Since a few people here have asked for more details on TMG, here are a few answers (far more could be said about all the excellent features, though).

          First, I've used TMG for something like 20 years now. It has always been considered one of the top programs for serious genealogists. By serious, that means anyone who cares about getting things right--not just professionals. When I was a beginner, I wanted a program that I wouldn't grow out of. Many people start with Family Tree Maker but get fed up with its limitations--it is the most widely used but that doesn't mean it's the best.

          TMG incorporates input of DNA data (I look forward to having some to put in).

          TMG has very robust options for recording sources.

          TMG has fields for surname parts such as "van" and can be used in languages other than English. There are many European users.

          Like pretty much any Windows program, TMG will run on a Mac if you have emulation software such as Parallels.

          TMG will produce both charts and narratives. You can use it to create an entire book full of family stories, or a handsome chart.

          TMG user John Cardinal has developed several inexpensive and well-received companion programs, particularly Second Site, which produces Web output and is highly customizable.

          Wholly Genes, the company that makes TMG, is relatively small but highly responsive to customers.

          There is a vibrant and helpful email list (via Rootsweb) for users as well as a support forum on the company website.

          Again, much more could be said but I think this will answer some of the basic questions for those who are interested in finding a first or a better program.


          • I vote for iFamily as well on the Mac.

            It isn't being developed so much any more but is still a great product and very easy to use.


            • Kith & Kin

              I have used "Kith & Kin" by Span Soft for many years and it has served me well. The sister programme "TreeDraw" alows the production of printable trees, easily modified by the user. The latest upgrade to K&K has introduced "Layers" which can be adapted to show Paternal and Maternal lines. It also allows user defined fields, which can be used for genetic information.
              A great suite of programmes.


              • Fasmily Tree Poll

                Originally posted by admin View Post
                Family Tree DNA is starting this thread to have you vote for the Family Tree Software of your choice. If you use one that is not listed in this poll, please let me know and I'll be happy to add.

                Easier to use than most others


                • Reunion (for Macs)

                  This is the best software for family trees. It is intuitive, you can customize it and it handles large databases with great stability. I've tried older versions of Family Tree Maker and Legacy and Reunion is best by far!


                  • FTM

                    Family Tree Maker was best before they became ridiculously expensive along with their gratuitous upgrades and their association with the obscenely expensive (that also bought up the quaint and charming Roots Webs sites that were so nice to visit).


                    • In honesty, I marked two softwares.

                      My trees, my worksheets are all on Brothers Keeper.
                      I find when I export a gedcom that it is easiest to put it on Family Tree maker, because that's what most people use, so that is what I buy it for. Other than that, I never use it.
                      Frankly, I started with family tree but think its a dog for my use.
                      I like the format 12 Aug 2009 because it never causes a question where 12/08/2009 can and often does.
                      They upgrade every two or three years or so and I must upgrade also. No thanks.
                      Their source management is pathetic.
                      With BK everything is multi simple and straight forward, but John works constantly to answer users request. There is excellent backup for problems.
                      But mostly its just simple, direct, user friendly but you have all that you need and in a really good format.
                      If I want to use a format for names, which I do, I can create my own and nobody gripes or refuses to accept it.
                      I use, this style John Clay(1831VA) Smith. Now I know when this guy started life in anything that I use . He is quickly identified in any list. If I want to go further- John Clay(1831VA)kit#72831 Smith and now I have his starting date and his yDNA record per ancestor trail.
                      I love BK. John is great and the price is wonderful and any help needed is right there.


                      • Other Family Tree Software Options

                        I use none of the software listed. I currently use 'Gramps 3.4.5-1' .



                        • Originally posted by Henk Nijwening View Post
                          I'm using Linux and a query in this forum got no results. I know there are several Linux progarms and the question is: Any one with positive results?



                          • Poll Thread

                            I polled however I use Same thing just different country.


                            • Have been using since 2007


                              • iFamily

                                I own three packages for Mac (Reunion, Mac Family Tree and iFamily) and have tried demo versions of a few others (Heredis in particular). It's not on the list, but iFamily has been my main database for the past two years. None are 'perfect', but iFamily does more of what I find important and does it best. My first runner-up was Heredis. In another version or two, I think it could be the winner.