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  • Uso Family Tree Builder.


    • Gramps

      I use Gramps, see



      • Dê o seu voto - o que o Software Family Tree você usa?

        EU USO MyHeritage Family Tree Builder


        • Family Tree Maker is my choice

          I have used Family Tree Maker since I started my family tree in 1986. I started out with I believe it was 2.5 and now have FTM 2012. A long time ago I started with it and though I tried one other one for a short while too I didn't like it as well so stuck with my FTM.


          • I used Generations for over a decade and loved it. A couple of years ago I made the switch to Family Historian for the advanced features it offers while still providing a user interface layout quite similar to Generations.



            • late to the party

              I just submitted a sample (for Y-DNA 37) this week and got registered for the forums last night.

              My primary genealogy software is (USA only). I've been a subscriber since 2006. In my opinion, it's getting better as time passes.

              A friend gave me Family Tree Maker 2010 about a year ago, but I've only looked at it a couple of times. A cousin may give me a free copy of FTM 2012 in the near future, and it is supposed to work very well with

              Farther back in time I used PAF and still have it installed and actually used it to create the simple paternal line gedcom file I just uploaded to FTDNA a couple of days ago.

              I think that I will try some of the other suggested programs. I tried free Legacy several years ago, but my PC then didn't have enough power to run it satisfactorily.



              • I tried Reunion, but I decided that MacFamilyTree from Synium Software GmbH is better.


                • Family Tree Software


                  I use MyHeritage Family Tree Builder




                  • I've been using Reunion for Mac, but I have it so messed up I don't know what to do. It seems there is a certain way to make corrections, and I didn't know that. So when I put in my father I gave him his American first name. Then I decided it was more correct to have his original name , so I changed it. Then I found out he had a middle name, so I put that in. So the result is that I have three husbands for my mother, my father with each of the corrections. This has happened multiple times with several lines, and I have tried and tried to fix it. so I haven't used it for a while, and am thinking of starting over with an easier to correct program. Luckily I have only about 300 in my tree.


                    • Legacy

                      Did a fair amount of research, chose Legacy & been quite happy. Interested that it was not more popular in your study. However, all software companies will one day (soon?) have to wrestle with the online option. Is that the way of the future (as per


                      • Family Tree Software

                        Reunion for Mac's


                        • I'm one of the "I don't use ..."

                          I have a great memory. Yes, I know, you can't pass your memory on when you go.

                          My info is in the narrative family history in Word form that I've been working on, and in my Gmail account where I collect info from distant cousins and record things I find for myself, for easy access, and all the saved images of censuses, etc., on my hard drive. I don't focus on any one line, e.g. surname line, the way I know some do. All of mine, including both maternal and paternal for all ancestors, are treated equally (more or less; some are just more interesting than others), so it's pretty much a never-ending job. Fortunately, I haven't found it all that interesting to trace siblings' descendants, for instance (let alone ancestors of siblings' spouses, which is how I find my family, and occasionally even myself, in the trees of completely unrelated people, something I find very annoying) -- whoever comes after me can take that one on.

                          Some day ... . I actually had no idea there were so many options. Frankly, if and when I pick one, I'm pretty sure it will be the simplest and most user-friendly I can find, and "features" won't be a big criterion.

                          I wonder whether FTDNA is considering the suggestion that has been made here, incorporating testing results into a tree, and is doing some preliminary investigation into which family tree software users prefer?


                          • Latest Family Tree Maker

                            The sync feature between FTM and online finally lets you keep a family accessible tree in one place (on line) but have the tools of a standalone package (FTM). The iPad app is awesome in appearance and the perfect 'presentation' tool. It stays sync'd too, usually.

                            FTDNA had trouble with importing my FTM-created gedcom file (no errors but incorrect); I had to go to PAF first; the PAF export was correct.


                            • I use
                              My Heritage
                              Which is the link I got in with FTDNA....I think FTDNA own them


                              • Please add gramps to the poll list

                                Gramps is a fully featured, mature, open source genealogy software for Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows and Mac OS X available in more than 20 languages:

                                Please add gramps to the poll list.