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  • Wintree Family Tree Software

    Originally posted by admin View Post
    Family Tree DNA is starting this thread to have you vote for the Family Tree Software of your choice. If you use one that is not listed in this poll, please let me know and I'll be happy to add.
    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]I use Wintree and was surprised to find it missing from your list of software titles. Wintree is very similar to PAF and (like PAF) is easy to use. But unlike PAF, Wintree uses color to facilitate navigation through the various screens. Both programs are GEDCOM compatible but PAF is free for personal home use. Wintree is free to try (for 30 days) but requires a $15.00 registration fee for unlimited use. For additional information, FTDNA Forum members may go to the Wintree home page at:
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    • Family Tree Maker, 2011 edition

      Because I currently use for research and fact checking, I considered buying the latest 2011 FTM software to be able to create, edit, import and export GEDCOM files in the future before my annual subscription runs out. The site implies that it can create reports, but does not state it can create the GEDCOM type of files. Thus, I emailed Ancestry through their site asking if the FTM software can perform these actions, but they have not responded to date.
      Since FTM is clearly the choice of most users here based on the ongoing poll, could any of you please clarify what FTM 2011 can do or cannot do when it comes to GEDCOM files. I personally think that if one subscribes to Ancestry for research and tree development on a long term basis the latest FTM software should be included as part of the package.

      Thank you for any and all.


      • Ftm


        I do not have the latest version of FTM, but I do know that allows you to save your tree to the FTM on your computer. This all sounds nice, but there is a problem that I have found that makes me mad.

        If you try and save your file from the website to your computer it does not copy documents or photos that you may have added on the website. So anything such as census records or family photos that I had saved to are there without a way to download them along with your tree to your computer version of FTM. I am using FTM 2009 still and I don't know if this issue has been fixed in newer versions.

        While using it is quite easy to search and add media to your tree on their site, but be aware that you cannot save your gedcom along with its corresponding media to your own program. It is something their website says they are working on at the last time I checked.

        I have used their website for years researching, but I had never realized my media was not downloadable or included in my gedcom file. I am now going through my tree on my computer version and adding media into it person by person which is extremely frustrating and time consuming.

        So if you do use FTM in any version make sure you do your research by using your computer version of FTM and search through the link in the computer program and not their website alone. That way when you are saving things to your tree on your computers FTM program and not onto the website tree. Most importantly media (documents, photos).

        I hope the newer version has addressed this issue. Good Luck

        My version FTM2009 uses Gedcom 5.5, family tree maker, Gedcom for FTM 16 as export options for trees, charts and reports.

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        • Thank you for the FTM lowdown and...

          Connie: Thank you for sharing your experiences with FTM 2009 with us. What a huge waste of time if you can't manipulate the info easily between the FTM and Ancestry tree, especially all those sources you mentioned which are very important when it come to deciphering strange events, repeated names and obscure dates!

          As I said earlier, Ancestry should automatically give us some manner to create GEDCOM files we can edit and export, sans any software like FTM. Since they have not answered my direct question as to whether FTM 2011 can perform these actions as a stand-alone product, I am assuming it's "No" by omission or it's simply not GEDCOM friendly to date.

          Thanks again for sharing; I'll be referring back to your frustrating experience when considering a good tree program in the future. I am very sorry to learn that you had to "reinvent the wheel", so to speak, just to make a good tree with sources. I hope you have devised a better way to collect and organize your hard-won ancestry info since that time.

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          • I started with FTM 2010 (and have since gone to 2011, worth the upgrade). My only complaint about FTM is that there's no way to sync between the software and, even if you are a paying member as I am. It's a real pain to update everything twice, or to delete the on-line tree and upload an entirely new tree. They have technical reasons that I do not fully comprehend to prohibit this, but it seems like something they could/should fix.


            • PAF 5 is my genealogy tree software


              • I switched to TMG (the Master Genealogist) when it first came out; I love it.


                • Oops. I see that TMG is actually listed twice on your compiled list of genealogy programs. Wholly Genes (TMG) is the same product as The Master Genealogist.


                  • Reunion

                    Back when I had a PC, I used FTM. After I switched systems, I started using, storing my info online (though with hard copies and hand written notes as back-up). Finally, I decided if FTM went belly up, I might lose some info. Everything migrated over to Reunion, except for images. As I didn't have many, it was easy to add those.


                    • family roots

                      Family Tree Maker.Here's what you'll receive with Family Tree Maker software
                      Build your tree and search for your ancestors at the same time
                      Choose from different tree templates
                      Share your tree with family and friends
                      New web search feature.
                      Updated user friendly interface.
                      Great price for loyal Family Origins customers!


                      • Originally posted by admin View Post
                        Family Tree DNA is starting this thread to have you vote for the Family Tree Software of your choice. If you use one that is not listed in this poll, please let me know and I'll be happy to add.
                        I use Ultimate Family Tree, although the option to upgrade is negligable as it has been discontinued.


                        • I use MacFamilyTree by Synium. Very low price, very stable, and the developers are extremely quick to provide free updates for Mac OS updates e.g to Mac OS X Lion.

                          (Not an Option in the Poll.)


                          • I use the deluxe version of Legacy on my PC and synchronise to the ipad "Families" app for easy reference when I am out doing research. I then use Gedcom export and import to get the data into Ancestry and GenesReunited. Disadvantage with this technique for upload to ancestry is that you cannot overwrite a tree so every update means having to resend invites to the others who access the tree.


                            • What are you expecting for a reply???? I selected the software I use.


                              • Family Tree Builder

                                Originally posted by 192971 View Post
                                i use family tree builder by It was free until my family tree grew to have more than 200 people. I have found many additions to my tree from other users there and others have used my findings, too.

                                uso family tree builder
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