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  • Batch_469

    I'm in for 3 "coupon" FF kits. Hope they come in quick!

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    I'm in batch 469, FF results expected 8/15. So excited!


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      I'm in batch 469, results expected 6/8. Bored waiting already. 6 weeks!


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        FF Due 8/17

        A cousin has her FF coupon kit in batch 469 due 8/17.
        Waiting for another to be batched, now that it has been received.

        With a little luck these 2 kits will help us get farther on our shared lineage.

        As always, the wait seems like forever.


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          I'm also in for HVR1, HVR2 and mtHaplo. Expected date: 06 Aug.

          Now we wait....


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            Batch 469

            Mine is due 15th Aug sent for mine it was here in England within l week including 2 bank holidays tested and returned in 1 week not bad as it took my last one 3 weeks to get back to them and 3 weeks to come to me. Lots to do to get ready for them.
            Good luck everyone.


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              I had an a la carte SNP test (for L484) in this batch, and it was completed in six days. A new record, for me.


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                My Population Finder results showed up last night!


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                  Advanced SNP Results in batch 469

                  Originally posted by razyn View Post
                  I had an a la carte SNP test (for L484) in this batch, and it was completed in six days. A new record, for me.
                  I ordered an advanced SNP test on 13/7 and it was batched (batch 469) on 20/7. Expected 6/8.

                  Has anybody else in this batch (apart from Razyn) received their SNP results yet?

                  Razyn's post raised my hopes for a (very) early completion. But so far, no result. It occurs to me that the transit from the Arizona lab to the Houston lab (as is customary when an advanced SNP test is ordered for the first time on a kit) may have delayed the start of my test.

                  Will my Order History show confirmation that my vial arrived at the Houston lab? Or is that covered by my kit being marked "In Progress" on 20/7?


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                    Should show "recieved by lab"

                    I'm not sure about SNP tests or Y-DNA, but for the FF tests done in Houston, in my experience, there is a separate listing in Order History under Kit that says "received by lab". For example, under the test name "Family Finder" it says for a relatives Kit "in progress 6/27/2012" but under "Kit" it says "received by lab 6/28/2012". In my last FF test, this was the last update they gave me before results, so I would imagine you might get the "received by lab" date when the lab gets your kit too?

                    It may just be slow in the mail. This kit I'm testing now, only took 1 day to get to their lab after batching, but my last kit took 11 days to go from batching to the lab (that was for FF and mt full sequence- so I'm not sure if that meant they sent a vial to Arizona or not for mtdna- I thought they do only Y-DNA in AZ, maybe that's what took so long last time).


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                      My Family Finder kit reads as "complete" today and the raw data files are available as well, but my matches have yet to load. Anxiously awaiting!


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                        Thanks ashimmin.

                        When I first mailed in my kit (for Y-DNA testing) it was "Received" (at FTDNA HQ in Houston) on 16/5 and "Received by lab" (Arizona) on 22/5.

                        I suppose my question is whether I should expect a similar "Received by lab" status for the transfer between the Arizona lab and the Genomics Research Center in Houston. I was charged the transfer fee, so this transfer must have been necessary. Surely somebody here can speak from experience.

                        The last update to my Order History states that my SNP test was batched and in progress on 20/6.


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                          My family finder results are now complete.


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                            Status: "Completed"

                            My SNP result is in.

                            To answer my own question, there was no "Received by lab" status for the transit from the Arizona lab to the Houston lab.


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                              Pop Finder

                              Population finder results are posted for a cousin in this batch and another in batch 470. Hoping for family finder very soon too. I am pleasantly surprised that this is a month before their estimated due dates.