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  • Batch 453

    Ordered a mtDNA full sequence back on 2/27/2012, and I'm now on my fourth due date. I see nothing here about batch 453, is everything else finished? Haven't been able to get an answer from support.

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    No support at all!!!!

    I'm really about done with this whole mess. No results. No response from the support people. I'm really thinking that I've just been taken for a ride!


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      Feeling better!

      Finally heard from support. At least I know why things are dragging out now. Guess I'll try to be a little more patient!


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        If you don't mind me asking, was it a problem specific to you or more general?


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          Test delays

          As I understand it, the full sequence test involves a number of tests, and all the results have to match up. Part of mine did not, and that means running them over again.
          They also told me that mtfullsequence test takes longer than other tests.
          Hope it all works out soon!


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            Thank you for the information.

            The Y DNA tests beyond 12 are all broken up into smaller parts that get reported as they are completed. I wonder why they don't do the same with the mtDNA.

            Good luck, hopefully its done soon. I'm waiting anxiously as well for my batch 457 mtDNA results.


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              My husband's FMS upgrade took forever as well because of a heteroplasmy in the Coding Region.

              Now we're a week behind on his Y-12. He must have some weird DNA.


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                Still waiting

                Ordered 2/27/2012.
                Still have nothing!


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                  Hang in there. My Deepclade was in the same batch. It only just finished on 6/9.


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                    My mtDNA Plus back in 2007 took almost 5 weeks and then the upgrade to FMS took 11 additional weeks. Hopefully you will get results soon.


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                      5th due date

                      Just had my 5th due date issued for this order. Placed order on 2-27-2019. The 5th due date is now 7-09-2012!