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  • Batch 455

    I'm new here & just got my initial sample assigned to batch 455. Now the long wait for results!

    FamilyFinder 455 5/9/2012
    Y-DNA13-25 Markers 455 5/11/2012
    Y-DNA26-37 Markers 455 5/11/2012
    Y-DNA1-12 Markers 455 4/27/2012

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    Numbers at end of each line are the expected dates.
    5/11/2012 means May 11,2012


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      I'm new here too. In batch 455, I have...

      Family Finder expected 5/9/12
      Transfer Y-DNA46 + Y-DNA37 expected 5/9/12
      DYS385a/b (K) expected 5/9/12
      DYS464X expected 5/9/12
      A few advanced Y-STRs 5/9/12


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        Batch 455 Completed, matches not yet posted

        Just noticed one of my Family Finder kits in batch 455 has moved from pending lab results to batch completed 3/29. We should have new matches soon.


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          Good news!


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            My first test (Family Finder) is in this batch, and the projected result date is 4/30/2012. My page showed this date/batch even before I sent my kit in, which seemed strange.


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              Im in 455 for deep clade on Y dna. Date of 4/30 but half of it was done last weds, one week later the last half is still sitting there undone. Hopefully it will be wrapped up soon.


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                I checked my account today and the "check progress" button was gone, but under "order progress and history" it shows "completed - 4/6/2012". What does that mean? The DNA was separated, or the DNA was analyzed?

                I also noticed in "population finder" (I had never clicked on that before) it showed percentages of national ethnicities. Is that mine, or is it an illustration? I haven't received an email that these results were available yet.

                I had the National Geographic project test done years ago, which only tested my paternal line, and that was Western Atlantic (the most common type in the US). Under "population finder" it's showing 65% Western Europe (Spanish, French) and 35% Europe (Finnish, Russian). Is this my result from Family Finder, or is it left over from the National Geographic test? Since I hadn't clicked on "population finder" before, I don't know if it had shown these percentages all along.



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                  Update: I clicked on "matches" and it has been populated with 19 pages worth of distant relatives. So I'm assuming these are all new since the National Geographic project only looked at "deep" ancestry.

                  Only four people are "suggested 3rd cousins", so I guess that makes finding my immediate biological relatives through them unlikely (I was adopted). There was only one person with the same surname I had at birth, and that person is a 5th or remote cousin. And the surname (King) is very common.

                  Still wondering why my results came so early, and why I did not receive an email notifying me they were available.


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                    My WTY (Walk Through the Y) test is in batch 455 too.
                    Expected date: 4/30/2012.
                    But is it really possible for FTDNA to finish this test before this date?


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                      All my y-dna test where ready before the estimate date. my mtDNA test don't...

                      Is just a estimate date, so patience!!

                      My deepclade test is in batch 455, estimate date abril 30


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                        I was pleasantly surprised to see mine completed so far ahead of the estimate.

                        Family Finder expected 5/9/12 - Completed 3/29/12
                        Transfer Y-DNA46 + Y-DNA37 expected 5/9/12 - Completed 3/27/12
                        DYS385a/b (K) expected 5/9/12 - Completed 3/24/12
                        DYS464X expected 5/9/12 - Completed 4/5/12


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                          For me, the date for my deepclade test was moved to may 21