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  • Batch 442

    My kit was sent out in December according to FTDNA.
    I did not receive the said kit. However I was given a batch number of 442 results expected on the 23 12 2011.
    How is it I have received a batch number if they do not have a returned kit?
    A further kit was sent out after I complained.
    Can someone please inform me what the procedure is? I have tried to communicate with FTDNA without a reply.
    I previously tested with Heritage and I found their service to be straight forward.
    Is this the normal service for this company?

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    Was this a new kit or an upgrade to an existing kit?

    It's important to understand that batches are "virtual" -- they're batches of orders, not batches of physical kits.

    Brand new kits don't get batched until FTDNA receives the kit back. Once the kit comes back, the order gets added to the next weekly batch, as long as it's paid in full.

    Upgrade orders always get added to the next batch, as long as the order has been paid in full. Upgrades usually don't require that a kit be sent, unless there's not enough DNA left in the vials already in the lab (or in the case of Family Finder, if there's not an unopened vial in the lab). When new swabs are needed, the order is still batched, FTDNA sends new swabs, and the lab just has to wait for the swabs to be returned.

    FTDNA mails out kits the day after an order is placed (when required), but unfortunately can't control the postal service. Sometimes kits get lost in the mail. Kits aren't tracked, so FTDNA has no way to know whether the customer received the kit or not. You did the right thing by contacting the helpdesk to ask for the kit to be re-sent.



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      Batch 442

      I was transferred to Ftdna when Heritage stopped trading. I placed an order and paid in advance assuming that my DNA sample had also been transferred. Ftdna placed the following information on my personal page

      Date Status Batch
      09/12/2011 In Progress 442
      07/12/2011 Batched 442
      06/12/2011 Ordered 442
      The results were expected 23 01 2012 and not the date I stated earlier

      I assumed that in progress meant the testing was being done.
      Nothing happened so I contacted Ftdna.They stated that a test kit had been sent out at the time of the order, although I could not find a record of this on my personal pages.
      I did receive a kit a few days ago and have returned it.
      Are you able to tell me what "In Progress means" and how can the results be expected on the 23 01 2012 if they do not have a sample of my DNA?

      Thank you for your help.


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        OK, so the test that you ordered was an upgrade, and therefore the order was batched right away, even though no sample was available. The sent/received status of "re-sent" kits does not get shown in myFTDNA -- only the status for the original kit is shown. I realize that you never had an FTDNA swab kit to begin with, but since you already had an FTDNA kit number, the system considered this to be a re-send.

        "In progress" means that the order has been batched and should be getting processed by the lab. However, it's not a real-time status that can be changed if there's an issue -- so basically any order that has been batched is considered to be in progress until it's complete. The date is an estimate based on the original order date.

        For what it's worth, DNA Heritage apparently did not store DNA samples, and therefore no samples were available to be transferred to FTDNA. This is mentioned in the DNA Heritage FAQ, and perhaps it was also mentioned in the original announcements about the transfer option.



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          Batch 442

          Thank you Elise.

          Yes I am sure all the information is all out there if you have the time to look.

          However I am sure customers would like simplicity. Like:

          "Thank you for your order, we do not have a stored sample so we have sent a kit out today".

          "We have received your returned kit and sample. You are now in our system and your results are expected in 6 weeks time".

          I may be on my own on this one. But the present system, in my opinion poor system, has left me no further forward than the day I placed my order on the 6 December 2011.
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