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How long after purchase are kits sent?

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  • How long after purchase are kits sent?

    Apologies if this is the wrong place. I paid for a Y-DNA67+mtDNAPlus upgrade on the 23rd of February and so far as I can tell the kit has not shipped. I was a 23andMe transfer so FTDNA doesn't have a sample on hand.

    I sent an email to FTDNA support a week ago but have still not heard back. How long does it typically take for them to send a kit?

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    They will not usually send a new kit for an upgrade. They will use the existing dna. Check your homepage for "Pending Tests".


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      But I'm a transfer, so they don't have a kit...

      I'm thinking there is a glitch in their system when dealing with transfers who upgrade.

      I know their email support used to be snappy. I wonder if they lost some people and need to staff up? Something certainly seems to be wrong.


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        To the best of my knowledge the transfer offer was only for an autosomal test, that is, from Relative Finder results to Family Finder results, not for any Y or mt DNA tests or upgrades. Was your credit card charged?

        Carol Anne


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          There are ydna transfers from companies that report STRs like Ancestry, GeneTree, and Sorenson's SMGF. See


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            Could there be "confusion" on the part of their software? Maybe for most people who already have kits here, they just take some more sample to test, and therefore they don't need to ship. They only would need to ship for those customers if there is not enough and they contact them. For you, maybe there is not a default for someone that in essence is a new customer, but given you have a transfer of autosomal, it is messing up what the default position would have been? Does that make any sense?


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              @Lincoln, I think that is the problem. Basically their system thinks they must have a sample on hand since they already have a completed autosomal test for me. In this case though it was a transfer so there was no sample. Ugh, I guess I should call since the email support route seems to be broken right now.

              Of course it could be something totally different. Whatever the root cause it's a bit frustrating. I know the results are going to take months to come back so it would be nice to at least get the sample submitted so the clock can start ticking.


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                I transferred my relatives results from SMGF the other week and then ordered more testing.
                The homepage showed that the kit was shipped the next day.


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                  I would just call them, remind them of your purchase & ask them to send a kit. They are really good at helping customers in situations like this.

                  Timothy Peterman