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    Everyone needs to be a little patient. They most likely expected a "lull" after their 2/10 sale deadline so probably did not process any of the 23andMe transfers before it was over. Meanwhile large posting of holiday related orders hit FF on 2/10, so they were also working to clear these out before this as well.

    Was there really a "batch 1" or was this just used for their BETA testing. Some of the earliest info others posted on 1/31 to 23andMe forums also indicated "Batch 2."


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      I think the V2->V3 23andMe upgrade files were batch 1. Could be wrong though.

      In theory all they have to do is push a button to process the files. It shouldn't even take that long. At this point I'm thinking they haven't finished testing the process on the pure V3 files and are just being cautious. We know that they didn't test pure V3 files before launching the service, so this scenario would at least make sense.

      Still, tomorrow is two weeks for the first of the V2->V3 upgrade files. Hopefully we'll be hearing good things. Heck, the price has already gone up and nobody has even gotten what they paid for yet.


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        Any news at all? It's been two weeks since the first transfers were uploaded. I don't mind being patient, but I don't think it's too much to expect some acknowledgement of late delivery if no one gets results today. Of course, results would be great.


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          I've been compulsively checking my 23andme > FTDNA transfer accounts for results for many days now. I keep thinking "today's the day!"


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            On my other orders I earlier have these headings

            -in progress

            but for the Family Finder I have from my order date on the 3rd February still only 'ordered' in the left column with a 'batch 2' in the right column. I am hoping for 'in progress' or an 'expected ready date' to show up.


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              By the end of Feb

              Just in case anyone missed the "update" in other threads. I also received confirmation of the revised due date on transfer kits. Below is the response to my request for current information from Rachel in Customer Service.

              "It is my understanding that we aim to have all of the transfer kits purchased during the promotion to be processed by the end of the month."

              I have 3 different family transfer kits in process, but all were submitted on different days. My first one went through when the V3 glitch was resolved on 2/1. The other 2 were staggered through 2/9. So, perhaps the first results will start trickling in next week.

              Also waiting on another regular FF kit ordered during the holiday sale which was due in March (batch 248). So, I hope it's not far behind.



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                This message should appear on all 23andMe transfer account pages:

                "We apologize for the delay in posting your results. These last two weeks have produced some of our biggest batches of Family Finder orders ever. After the second of those batches is uploaded, we will be processing your transferred results, and expect to post them to the website next week."