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Where can I see my batch and results predictions?

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  • Where can I see my batch and results predictions?


    I ordered a Y-37 test and FTDNA acknowledged having my kit received on January 14. However I can't see any batches or predictions for test results? Am I looking at the wrong page or my kit hasn't been put into a batch yet?

    Anyway, in your experience how long have to wait for my results?

    Thanks a lot.

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    FTDNA creates new batches on Wednesdays. Your kit should be added to a batch today. Tomorrow you should be able to sign in to your myFTDNA website.

    On your home page in the left hand column you should see "Order Progress & History". If you click on the "View Complete Order History" at the bottom of this box you'll see what you ordered when the kit was sent, when it was received back and when it was batched.

    Just above this information there is a "Check the Status of Pending Tests" link. Click on it to see "Expected" deliver dates for each panel of markers. YOUR results may come before, on or after these dates.


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      Don't worry, it will happen! I was anxious too! I thought maybe they lost my kit because my mail tracking code (I shipped USPS certified for the tracking) confirmed it was delivered, yet it took FTDNA over a week after that to send me a kit-received email. It happened almost a day after I submitted feedback asking about the status of my kit. They answered me in less than 12 hours and were very helpful. Since you know they've received it, its only a matter of time before its batched, and they should send an email when it gets one too. Generally they Batch on Wednesdays, but could take up until Thursday for them to post the batches. It wasn't long after they sent me the received email, maybe a few days until the next Wednesday, but maybe they're swamped with all the holiday-gift DNA kits coming in that it could be another week?

      Also, you probably can already log into your myFTDNA account before it's batched, at least I was able to as soon as I ordered my kit online. The information is sent in your initial order confirmation email with log in details.


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        Thanks a lot. Well, yes it just has been batched, and the results will come in mid-March. So long


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          Nothing to be about. This if FTDNA not CSI. I'll bet you an upgrade that you will have some results before the end of February if you gave them a good sample.