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    well, after all the positive results here for the first 12 markers, I was hoping I'd get mine early this week, but no such luck yet. I'm trying to be patient, but it sure is hard!


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      My second 12 marker panel came in last night so I now have 1 to 25 results out of the Y-DNA 37 new kit in this BATCH.



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        They must be uploading data to my file now? I now have a Y-DNA heading, but the DYS values section is blank, as are the matches sections (listed as "currently on order"). Anyone seen this before?


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          Nevermind, I see that they posted my mtdna results for my HVR1 instead

          Turns out my father is in Haplogroup K! He only has HVR1 results back so far, but only 1 match. Is it normal to have so few matches???


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            When does FTDNA push back the results date? Just wondering b/c my father's first 12 markers are due in today and haven't received anything either way yet.


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              Well, I was expecting it after not getting results on Friday

              All 3 of my father's panels have been pushed back to 9/19/2011. Though they say the most common cause is a "poor sample scraping." I find that hard to believe in this case, b/c my father really scraped his cheek hard. Almost till he hit blood, lol. But based on others experiences, I do wonder if it's just that they're backed up or something.


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                Another Delayed Test

                The inevitable delay was announced today, this time for my Deep Clade test. The email says it has been put back to 9/19/2011, so I'm thinking mid-November - if I get lucky.

                Standard boiler plate email, of course. I'm OK with the delay; first because I am used to it, and second because I expect 100% correct results.


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                  interestingly got my father's first 12 markers, & then 26-37 today. He matches Niall of the Nine Hostages. So far, he only has 1 match in his project surname, but (at least from what I see) they're listed as "adopted". I do hope that means their birth surname was his, b/c I don't know that I could tell my father he's not who he thinks he is!


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                    Woo Hoo !

                    Got my Deep Clade posted during the evening, later than the first date, but ahead of the second date promised. Yayyy.

                    But am I enthused enough now to order Family Finder and hope I have it by Christmas. That is the question ...


                    R1b1a2a1a1b3c R-L2


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                      FWIW my FF came back a month early 8)


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                        Originally posted by hamish View Post
                        FWIW my FF came back a month early 8)
                        Well, can I have your results, and you order mine ... seems you have much better luck ...