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    Still waiting getting close to the due date!

    I have 4 of 5 panels in 1 111STR test and none in the other.


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      Due date June 1st now changed to 20th

      Well one of my project members has all their results now. But another who was due to have their last 103-111 panel tomorrow is now saying Pending Status Update June 20th!!!


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        Same for my dad. I wonder what caused the big delay, especially since most of his upgrade results came in a week after ordering? I also don't remember seeing "Pending Status Update" before...maybe I just didn't notice it or the results are actually about to be posted?


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          Me too,I want it to be right and theres nothing I can do about it anyway.


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            Probably something went amiss with this aprt of the Batch

            Her's the message posted for the kit in question on my Administrator's page:

            This section of the Y111 test has not yet been completed. As this is a new testing panel, our lab personnel is carefully reviewing the quality of results and identifying ways to make the testing process more efficient. This process takes a little more time than is typical but helps us to ensure you receive the best quality results. We have updated your target date to reflect our current estimate for when you will receive results. Thank you for your interest in Y-DNA testing and for your patience.

            A panel from the same batch has returned in its entirety so not exactly sure what happened....


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              I have the same for the kits I ordered.
              Two kits were completed a while ago and 3 are still waiting.
              2 have 4/5 of the results in and 1 has not had any results in at all.

              In one of the projects I admin 2 guys have partial results.
              All are in 408 and have the new date of 20 June.


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                Hello All,
                One of Batch 408's 86-93 Panel results were entered into the testee's results page an hour ago! I'm awaiting the same panel of results for another two of our surname group in Batch 408.


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                  My brothers final panel came in today, still waiting on 4 other kits to be finalised. 1 has no results at all, the others just need a few or one panel.


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                    Just noticed we've been put back to 11th July!


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                      I'm calling to complain! Suggest others do as well

                      Okay how's that

                      Originally expected June 1st
                      Two members one gets 4 of 5 panel results 5/12
                      Second gets all 5 panels a few days later---yet stillw aiting for the last panel---date changed twice!
                      Due date changed to June 20th
                      Now changed to July 11.

                      What the heck is going on?


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                        Better yet

                        Perhaps an email to Bennett is in order

                        [email protected]

                        Let him know what isn't working and how to fix it!


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                          After a nice conversation with someone in customer service the last pane miraculously appeared tonight!

                          Thank you......


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                            Originally posted by Kwheaton View Post
                            After a nice conversation with someone in customer service the last pane miraculously appeared tonight!

                            Thank you......
                            What did customer service tell you? I had 4-of-5 Y111 panels come in ages ago, and the final panel was moved twice (now due 4 July).


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                              The 86-93 panel I was interested in arrived today.