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    I'm waiting for Y DNA 37 markers and DYS 462. They just got my kit today (June 16). My (brother's) page says 12 markers are due back July 30, and the rest on August 13.

    I wonder how long it takes to run a batch, if they are scheduled in advance when they run, and if if there is any actual calendar of them?

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    I'm waiting for batch 364... y-dna-37... 12 markers due 7/23 the rest 8/06. I was kinda shocked at how far out the test results are scheduled... I didn't think I'd have to wait 8 weeks from purchasing the test.

    But I'm hopeful, because looking through the forum it seems a lot of people get their results far in advance of the scheduled date.



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      Batch 365


      My test kit is also a part of this batch, and everything I'm doing is mtDNA....perhaps they just wait until a quota is collected and then run the DNA tests.
      That would also explain why it takes awhile; my tests have 3 parts, the first one is due July 28, the other two August 11th.

      I'm just happy it can be done for a fairly reasonable cost. I've been working on my family genealogy since 1986 and following a 'paper trail' is very difficult to do sometimes!

      Take care all!