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Batch 354?

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    They've not updated the date at all.

    Don't know why they revise some, but not others.

    Still 17th May, according to mine.


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      FF Delays

      I'm still showing as May 17 as well...but I did get an answer to my inquiry.

      Even though I mailed the vials on May 12, they used May 17 as they had a vial in storage (although not enough for the FF test).

      They are "having trouble" updating the expected results dates.

      My DNA has been extracted but has not been run yet. We're looking at another six weeks.

      I'm hoping the delay is because the FF test is so popular that thousands and thousands of potential matches are in the queue.


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        And also, these people do take vacations.
        I'm waiting for my family finder test also.


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          Originally posted by Tmason View Post
          Thanks, everyone.

          FTDNA finally answered me.

          They claim they only received the samples last week (Hmmm, I predicted there could have been a delay, but didn't expect that long).

          They say it's a 6-8 week lead time from then, so looks like July now, at the earliest.
          You might not have to wait that long.

          I got my FF results last week (batch 354). FTDNA estimated 4-6 weeks from receipt of my samples (11th May) in actuality it was just over 3 weeks. I think the volcano ash held things up as it took three weeks for my samples to reach the US from the UK. Flights were grounded the day after I posted my samples back.

          Also I noticed my FTDNA pending results went `live' a day before I got a notification email so it's worth checking in frequently.


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            Batch 353

            I haven't received mine either and was wondering what the hold up is. Would be nice if they would post to this forum and answer our questions.


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              Batch 354

              Originally posted by Pitsilia View Post
              You might not have to wait that long.

              FTDNA estimated 4-6 weeks from receipt of my samples (11th May) in actuality it was just over 3 weeks.
              I mailed mine from NYC on May 12. If it got there Monday May 17, then we're closer than I thought. Although, they told me on June 8 that it would be another six weeks. As long as I don't have to send another sample.



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                I emailed FTDNA as we are still unhappy with their service. Our result was due 05/17/10 (Kit 354) and have heard nothing.

                Reply as of 06/18/10:

                "Thank you for your email and your continued patience through this extended testing process.The batch itself is mostly complete. Your test, however, has had to undergo a re-run because the first attempt didn't yield conclusive results. The test should be about 2-3 weeks from completion.The other more significant delaying factor has been the Family Finder machine itself. The machine we use for this test has gone down for a second time in as many months. The first time it was down it took two weeks for the repair crew to come from out of town to fix the issue. This time we have been waiting a week. We hope to be up and running again by the middle of next week, but we can't predict exactly when we will be back up.We apologize for these problems. We would like to assure you that the mechanical problems we have been experiencing will not affect the quality of your results. We take very strict quality assurance measures that are never sacrificed, even in the face of extended delays.We very much appreciate the calm and patience our customers have displayed through this ordeal and we hope this doesn't drive you from the study of your genealogy."


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                  FF Delays

                  Thanks for the update.

                  Trying to be patient.

                  It took me 25 years to find my mother. I suppose another few weeks for the CHANCE to find my father is not too much to ask of me.