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  • Batch 352

    Batch 352 first 12 markers expected 4/30/2010.

    First 37 markers expected 5/14/2010.

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    (Latest posted notes by FTDNA.

    Due to the overwhelming number of full mtDNA sequence orders received in the past months, we have again examined our testing process to find the bottlenecks that limit us most in how quickly we can produce results. To resolve the bottleneck in the time it takes to analyze sequences, we have contacted the company whose software we use for sequence analysis. We developed some enhancements that will reduce the amount of time required for analysis without compromising quality. While this will help in speeding up the delivery of results, we still count on your understanding and patience until your test is complete. We will actively provide you with additional status updates if your results are not delivered by this target date.)

    Batch 352 - Still awaiting my mtFullSequence HVR 1 & 2 - due 05/12/2010; mtFullSequence FGS due 05/21/2010


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      Batch 352 results arrived late last night two days early with the reschedule.

      With a mutation/extra letter - 315.1 C; I'm wondering where they will place me within the HV Haplotree.