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    Originally posted by rainbow View Post
    I'm still waiting for my 27 marker update from DNA Tribes. It was expected yesterday.

    Isn't it odd how FTDNA had severe FGS delays, and 23andme had sample mix-ups, and DNA Tribes has delays? All seem to have had some sort of lab problem. I wonder if they all use the same lab, or if it's just a fluke. It's probably just a fluke.
    I don't think they use the same lab as my DNA Tribes samples went to Utah and my FTDNA stuff went to Texas.

    BTW - I originally ordered the DNA Tribes 21 marker test but before I sent it in they made the 27 marker test available. I emailed them that I wanted the 27 marker test and they just charged me the difference (rather than an upgrade fee) since I hadn't sent in my samples yet. I mailed my samples on May 12 and got the email from them on May 27. No delays apparently.


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      My Batch 354 results delayed again

      Originally posted by mercur81 View Post
      June 4 has come and gone.
      May 17 became June 4 and is now July 2


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        Unreported delays

        Originally posted by mercur81 View Post
        May 17 became June 4 and is now July 2
        Odd. I mailed mine on May 12 and my due date is still May 17. I emailed them on Sunday and asked what the current expected date is since May 17 was clearly wrong even back on May 16.


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          FF Delays

          Well I got an answer.

          My results were originally "expected" on May 17 because they had a leftover vial in storage. Since it wasn't enough for the FF test, they sent me some new vials. I knew all this.

          They are "having trouble" updating my expected date.

          My DNA has been extracted but has not been run yet. We're looking at another six weeks.

          I'm assuming the further delay is because the FF test is SOOOO popular that thousands upon thousands of (potentially matching) people have signed up. Here's hoping. I really would like to find out who my bio father is before I die.


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            Anxiously waiting for batch 354!!

            So sounds like further delay. I am very curious. I am trying to discover who my maternal BIOLOGICAL grandmother is. My grandfather (known to me as my uncle) was in Vaudville (Blacksheep of family) and who my grandmother is was a deep dark secret in our Babto-Methodist Southern family. My mom was raised by her biological uncle and wife who gave her lots of love and stability. But I wonder who her mom is and why she was given away. I hope this test CONFIRMS the dad she was told she had and WHO her biological mom was. I know everything about my dad and have both my parents known sides traced back 6-10 generations back. Hopefully I get results and discover this deep dark secret in my lifetime.


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              Originally posted by TEXISH View Post
              have both my parents known sides traced back 6-10 generations back.
              That's quite a feat, especially 10 generations which, taking a generation as 30 years, is often only available to those of "noble" birth or whose family played a significant role in the history of a region.


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                Results posted today, only 6 weeks past expected date.
                1 match.


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                  Results in

                  The truth is out. I married my cousin! 5th-distant, but still a cousin and is still a surprize to us!!


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                    Finally received my mtDNA results... F1a4