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    Still waiting

    Hi ELHALL67

    I ordered the 37 marker YDNA & mtDNA test only and I have received all of my results except for the markers 26-37. That is the only way I am aware of what has been processed. Markers 1-25 came in about 2 weeks earlier than date given. Since that time I have waited and gotten email messages regarding the remainder of the markers. This will be the 3rd time my due date has changed for those remaining and my message is that test has failed twice already. So a 3rd test sample is being processed now with another due date of 6/28.
    I cannot understand how one part can give results, but then the rest tested at the same time fails repeatedly. Maybe you can click on your YDNA DYS Values Tab if it is available on the left side of your homepage and see if any results have posted there yet. You can check the mtDNA results tab on the left hand side of the homepage as well.
    I know my results came in one week and then more the next week. If all results are not ready the message on pending results will stay there until the last of them are done. So check both places. Good Luck!!


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      results tabs

      Hi cjm95,

      Thanks for the info. Still no results here, and I do not see either of those tabs that you mentioned on my home page. Perhaps they are not displayed until at least some of your results are in. I ordered the full sequence.

      Oh well, 10 more days until the posted due date. Guess I'll check back on the weekend.

      Have a great week, and hopefully the remainder of your results will be posted very soon.


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        Batch 353 Results

        My YDNA 26-37 markers came in today. Due date was 6/25 so retesting came in earlier than expected.


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          Any Results Today?

          The mtFGS was originally set for 5/19 and redated to 6/18.. which is today. I've not seen any results yet... has anyone else in batch 353 received their results today?


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            Just got the mtFGS on the 22nd

            I don't know what I'm looking at yet, but there are matches. Time to start digging!


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              Anyone else from this Batch still waiting?

              FamilyFinder results expected May 10 initially; still not received. Only one week since they updated the expected results date to July 15 but apparently that is the same date for everyone no matter what batch..Is anyone else from this batch still waiting for results.
              Ysearch R1b AR5GS