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    Ok I've tried to be patient and understanding, but after 3 revisions to my wife's expected FGS results due date, and the last due date just passing by without a peep (or a date revision as the lengthy text stated), I'd like to get a more realistic ETA.

    Her kit was received by the lab on 11/16/2009 (batch 335), and here it is 3

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    Many of the FGS tests are very delayed... apparently they received many more orders than they expected. So most of the updates are general updates to everyone in the delayed batches. But if you want an update on your specific kit # -- for example to find out if they're having a problem getting clear results for your kit -- your best bet is to call on Monday and ask.



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      Yes, I (and I suspect others in the same "boat") are quite aware of the FGS order backlog.

      At three different times I have sent an email to FTDNA's help group (Darren & company) asking for what you have suggested. While earlier email replies were pleasant and noncommittal, the last sent 2/12/09 was more along the line of a meaningful ETA, which included (in part) this statement, "This estimate allows enough time for the majority of results from batch 335 to be completed... Your results may arrive before this date. Our estimated completion date may change... If there is a change in our estimate, we will update this message and date."

      While that date has passed, nothing has changed. I will send yet another email, as I do not see that paying for a phone call will yield an improved quality answer.


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        Originally posted by wighty44 View Post
        I will send yet another email, as I do not see that paying for a phone call will yield an improved quality answer.
        Do you really still pay for individual phone calls? I pay a flat rate for unlimited calls on both my cell and home phones... I figured most people do these days

        Seriously, I do hope you get your results soon, and I'm sure FTDNA is doing its best to clear the backlog.



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          Originally posted by efgen View Post
          Do you really still pay for individual phone calls?
          Yes, I do - one rate for LD, another for regional calls...


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            My email to the Help group did yield an answer, which was just memorialized in the result due date section of the personal page.

            Essentially it says, "In the last several weeks, our lab has observed a general decrease in the success rate and quality of our full sequence results. Where most samples would normally pass our stringent quality measures, very few in the last few weeks have passed. This type of test-wide problem can sometimes happen; in micro-biology, it is possible for a test to work perfectly for a long period, and then to suddenly stop working even though nothing about the testing process had changed. Our lab technicians have pursued the problem and have already produced an improvement in the success rate of these tests. Unfortunately the temporary problem has caused a delay in your test's progress. We are working to rerun the failed sequences and complete your tests as quickly as possible, and appreciate your patience and understanding. We have adjusted the expected date for results accordingly."