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Newbie waiting for Batch 334

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  • Newbie waiting for Batch 334


    I thought the testing would only take a few weeks at most. Are the projected dates for real?

    A distant cousin found me on the internet and we want to see how we are related. We are looking for a Y-67 test to see if we share the same great-grandfather.


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    Re batch 334

    I'm having a Y-SNP test done, and it is assigned to batch 334; expected back on December 28, 2009.


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      Originally posted by DenSubVet View Post
      I thought the testing would only take a few weeks at most. Are the projected dates for real?
      Note that the ETA date on a batch is the same for everybody in that batch, so I guess it's FTDNA's best guess as to when all testing for all participants will be completed; in other words when the entire batch will be done.

      Delivery dates for individuals can vary depending on a bunch of things, including the number of markers being tested, any difficulty experienced by the lab with the particular sample or with their equipment, etc. Sometimes they need to re-test an entire panel, which happened recently with the 38-47 panel.

      With the 67 market test, you will probably find your results posted panel by panel, with a few days or even weeks in between each.

      However, the results will come!


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        Be prepared you results will jump around as they dribble in.

        I'm in for X panel one. Just because.


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          batch 334

          Hopefully, some of the results will start showing up soon!



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            I'm in this batch for a FGS with the predicted date as 01/06/2010.


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              My Deep Clade results are slated for 28 Dec as well....after the 04 Dec results didn't get it all. Dates slide as the throughput varies (in my experience). Keep checking your FTDNA home page for results....they tend to post what they know WHEN they know it...which is very cool.

              Best of luck in your search.


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                batch 334 results

                Got these today in my results section, but no e-mail yet--does that mean they are not complete?
                Haplogroup J
                16069 C T
                16126 T C

                73 A G
                185 G A
                263 A G
                295 C T
                315.1 C (green)
                462 C T
                489 T C



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                  Hi MJ,

                  Those are your complete HVR1 and HVR2 results.

                  The only thing missing is the CR, Coding Region.

                  If you did not order the FGS or Mega test, your testing is complete.

                  If you did order the FGS, it should say a due date on your pending results page, if you still have one.

                  So, the lack of an e-mail could be because you're waiting for FGS, or it could be the fact that e-mail notifications have been sort of hit and miss for a while now, or you changed e-mail addresses and are using a different account.


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                    Results are less definitive than previous results! I upgraded to FGS today, so another month to wait and if it is not more definitive I'm pretty much going to give up on this DNA stuff. Seems to work much better for the males--cheaper, too! My paper trail is much more detailed than most of the people I seem to match. Not many gedcoms among the matches at mitosearch.

                    Really bummed out on all this--can you tell? LOl