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    Originally posted by eastara View Post
    I am in batch 309 extending from 12 to 37 markers and last week got my 3th panel results(26-37)
    However my 2nd panel (13-25) still shows "Lab results pending".
    Is this normal, aren't they supposed to come together?
    That's normal. The 37-marker test is done in 3 different panels, even if you order them all at the same time. So sometimes one panel will get completed before another -- just depends on what order the lab processed the different tests.



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      309... still waiting on the mtDNA results. Got all my Y results (67 markers) back long ago, and even had 5 additional STRs tested after that. So no problems there, they are really fast on the Y side.

      I'll just keep being patient... the projected date was 7/15, so it hasn't been too bad. I just got spoiled early with my Y results speed. ;-)

      On a related note, has anyone found 23andME to be a good compliment for what they've received from FTDNA? I know they go on a different angle; I am sort of interested, but not sure yet. I am not really interestred in the genealogical results, as I think I have that covered here. The price difference between that and deCODEme is now quite substantial.

      I hope this doesn't become yet another one of my major obsessions... some cost more than others, and I can see this one getting *really* pricey if I become a junky.


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        my batch 309

        Hi! My first post here!

        I received my 38-67 a couple of days ago, but still wait for the 13-37 which probably is more tested, so maybe more closer matches.

        I am r1a1 but no 12 marker matches and only 6 11/12 matches. Of the 42 markers available I have the highest match of 14/42 markers.

        I am Scandinavian, but it seems the the greatest number of people who contribute to the database are of British Isles origin, perhaps due to their "natural" interest in geneaology but also due to absolute numbers of people who are in contact with the idea of genomic genealogy, I suppose.

        My pending tests:

        Deep Clade-R(DCLADE-R) 08/31/2009 317
        mtDNA(HVR1) 08/18/2009 315
        Y-Refine12to67(Y-DNA13-25 Markers) 07/08/2009 309
        Y-Refine12to67(Y-DNA26-37 Markers) 07/08/2009 309

        I was approved here to this forum today, but had belonged to a Yahoo r1a1 for a number of months:

        I seem to recall it having only a little more than 100 members but can get lively at times! -Mark


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          Well I have all 67 Y markers in now, and my HVR1 matches CRS, so does this make me H2B?

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            Ok the last of my 309 results just came in. Y-DNA was blazing fast, but mtDNA was pretty slow; it was "due" 7/15. A couple days ago I got an email saying there was problems with my kit (whatever canned message they send) and my new expected date was 8/28.

            But! Today I got my results for the full thing (1, 2 and CR): Haplotype H1...

            So that's I1* Y-DNA and H1 mtDNA haplogroups... yay I am so rare and exciting! That's almost the most generic euro decended person you can be (R something Y-DNA would *really* make me special). :-P

            Now I just need my DYS441 results; I ordered 5 STR tests at the same time, but this one is lagging for whatever reason. The others were back weeks ago (batch 315, 8/18).