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  • Batch 298

    I've noticed that a lot of Y-DNA results are coming in early, so I'm hoping Batch 298, (first 12 markers due on 17th April), follow suit. The last results I received were some 2 weeks ahead of schedule, so fingers crossed.
    The waiting is the hardest part. In some ways I envy folk with patience, but suppose that deep down I'm glad I have such enthusiasm. #Happy hunting,

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    We are awaiting batch 298 too! my hubbie had his tested last year and we are hoping that these results will connect him with the person being tested in 298! Good luck to you!


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      When you spoke of batch 298 and batch 300 ??? Are you speaking of just one person or a number of people who are grouped into a box that was sent off for testing????


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        Batches are generated by FTDNA every week -- usually Wednesday evening. FTDNA takes all new kits received in the past week, plus all upgrade orders, batches them up, and sends them to the labs.

        Being in the same batch as someone else doesn't necessarily mean that your test will be run at the exact same time or will be complete at the exact same time. Different types of tests are often run separately. And, there are two different labs -- the standard orders are sent to one lab and the advanced orders are sent to the other.

        Of course, if there are a bunch of people with the same test in the same batch then they should, theoretically, be done around the same time. However, if one person's fails, that won't hold up the entire batch -- the one that failed will be put back into the queue for re-testing, and it'll take a bit longer to get those results.
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