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    I ordered the D9S919, the Native American marker. The "9 repeats" are found in 31% of fullblood Native Americans (and only in Native Americans). I'm in Batch 291, and the result is expected 03/02/2009 (may vary a few days).
    I have about a 5% chance of having 9 repeats.
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    Originally posted by Gene2005
    Hello, Rainbow

    I`m all excited for your test, it make go and order one for myself. which i`m going to sometime in future. Just to see what`s it say. Anyway good luck and i hope for the best. Please share your results, I would like to hear about it.
    Hello Gene,

    Thank you.
    I'll share my result.


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      Originally posted by rainbow View Post
      Hello Gene,

      Thank you.
      I'll share my result.
      It is 16-16. It came in 3 weeks earlier than expected. If it were Native American it would have a 9 in there (9-9). 31% of fullblooded Native Americans have a 9. No other population gets that.


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        Thanks Gene
        I'm glad it was early. I wish it was a 9-9, or at least one 9 in there, because then it would be inarguable proof that there is Native American ancestry. I have my AncestryByDna result of 17%, and DNA Tribes global matches to Latin American (Hispanic) populations, but I argue with those. It's not clear proof, or it's not enough. I wonder what the 16-16 means. I downloaded the Onmipop but I can't use it. I'll probably ask on the forum or ask ftdna in an email. Other than seeing if there was a 9 in there, there was no point in getting that test done.
        Bye Gene