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Delay in Results "urgent"

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  • Delay in Results "urgent"

    This is what I received yesterday!!
    What's the matter with them?
    Is my sample that bad one!!??

    I want your comments, please.

    Originally posted by the lab

    This message has been processed by the FTDNA Email System. The original headers are: To: [email protected]: The original message follows below:


    A very small percentage of the tests we perform do not return conclusive results the first time we test. In these cases, the samples do not produce a reading that allows our lab to determine with 100% certainty the values for one or more markers or regions. When this happens, we re-test the sample. We repeat this procedure up to 3 times after the initial test fails to give a clear result.

    Your result failed to produce a clear result in this run. Below is a status update for your test, as well as an estimated time of when the next rerun is expected to be completed:

    STR - 8/8/2008 This test failed to yield results for your sample. Your B swab is being run now. Results from this round of testing are expected by this date.

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    This happens a lot, nothing to worry about. If the B swab isn't workable they'll send you more.


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      It happened to me too when I ordered the H subclade test. They tried both of my original swabs from the Genographic Project (swabs A & B), but it didn't work, so then they sent me new swabs to use and send back (C&D&E).
      I worried a lot too, just like you, but it all worked out fine in the end. It just takes longer.


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        thanx dears for your comments.... in fact the reason makes me unhappy is that I was waiting for the result scince a long period of time and them the delay it !!! oh I can not afford this !!


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          The lab won't charge another testing fee.

          They won't charge extra for swabs C & D & E. They'll mail the extra swabs to you at no extra charge, and you won't have to pay another lab testing fee. When it happened to me I think all I had to do was pay the return postage for sending the swabs back to them, and the postage turned out to be less than what the paper said the required return postage would be. I went to a post office and they weighed it and I think it was less than a dollar for postage. I don't know how much the postage would be from where you are, Saudia Arabia, but it is very light weight and shouldn't cost much to return. I sent mine by regular (domestic) mail. I wouldn't bother with sending express mail because, in my experience that isn't faster despite the extra expense making you think it be faster. Next day delivery can take 10 days, in my experience. I used regular postage. Didn't use certified or return receipt requested or anything. And they got it.
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