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Where's Batch 252?

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  • Where's Batch 252?

    I recently paid for an upgrade of my mtDNA to the full sequence and was told that it was Batch 252. Why is there a 251 and 253 but no Batch 252 listed here?
    I was told to expect results by the end of May. I know it's only a suggest completion date. But has the actual Batch begun?

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    These are just user-created discussion threads for the batches. So the lack of a 252 thread just means that no one has started a discussion thread, and doesn't reflect the testing status of the batch.


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      Batch 252 Started

      This is a batch of mtDNA for those womem who are part of the HV1 group rounded up by Deborah Katz and asked to do a full sequence.
      Who else is in?
      We should get our final results sometime in late May....


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        Just some clarification on the batches...

        FTDNA creates batches of orders every Wednesday. There is only one batch per week, and each batch consists of ALL orders placed and paid in full since the previous Wednesday (except new kit orders -- those get batched after the completed kit is returned to the FTDNA office).

        Most people assume that the batches are test/lab batches, which is not necessarily the case. For instance, while standard mtDNA and Y-DNA orders are sent to the Arizona lab, advanced orders are sent to the Houston lab and therefore processed separately, even if they were in the same order batch.



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          Still Waiting on Batch 252

          I'm still waiting on my DeepSNP-R1b(DSNP-R1b) test for Batch 252. This is supposed to be ready by May 26th. Hopefully they'll be true to their word. However there is a message stating that a number of SNPs are still "outstanding" for my deep clade test. Does this mean inconclusive results at present? Should there be concern that a new test may have to be conducted?


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            That's a standard message and just means they don't have lab results for those SNPs yet. You still have almost a month until your estimated due date, so you're well within the normal processing time frames right now. If there's a problem and FTDNA needs to retest, you should be notified by email.


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              Batch 252...

              is late a week now..........hmmmmmm.


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                Hangin in there for 252

                I'm still waiting for my full sequence mtDNA from batch 252. I know that sometimes the batches come in sooner and sometimes later. By brother's deep clades batch was in over a month past the estimated date. But my original work came in 2 weeks early.
                So, with the full sequence mtDNA, how do I colate or sort out all the information I'll be getting? How will I know what to do with it, how to make any sense of it?
                Anybody know? I want to draw some medical conclusions from it - where can I learn where to look for possible genetic medical issues?


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                  Batch 252 (due May 26)

                  I'm also waiting for Batch 252 for my final deep clade test. I'm surprised there isn't more feedback on when a test will be completed. May 26 was posted more than a month ago as the ready date. Good customer service dictates that the customer be updated on delivery dates as they change. Surely someone at FTDNA knows when the deep clade tests will be completed.


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                    If it's a Y-DNA deep-clade test that you ordered (as opposed to mtDNA), those deep-clade tests were substantially revised (at least for some haplogroups, such as R) on May 1 to update them to the new classification scheme, so I suspect that any orders that had been placed shortly before that date were held and not actually run until after that date (even though you may have been given a batch creation date previously). I was in the first batch that was created after that date (batch 256, expected 6/23/08), and my partial results started coming in several days ago, so yours shouldn't be far behind, if they didn't have any problems with your sample. I would bet that 6/23/08 is your revised target date as well (though results tend to be coming in very early from FTDNA this year).

                    You're right that they should be better about updating the expected results date. FTDNA is very good about replying to customer inquiries though, so you might get a prompt answer from them if you e-mail or call them.


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                      Batch 252...

                      Just called about batch 252.....and was told results may come out next week....evidently this batch was pretty large.


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                        Still Waiting

                        I (along with many other people) have been waiting since Feb. or March for Batch 252, for me it was an upgrade to Full Genone mtDNA. I got one note from Bennett who mentioned that because there was a one month "sale" on that upgrade the number of people who were part of that Batch is huge. But still......
                        It's been months and months.

                        Anyone else waiting for results from Batch 252?


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                          New Excuses - No Batch 252

                          The first letter I received from Bennett said that because of heavy turnout to a month-long save, they were overwhelmed. Yesterday I got my second excuse that so far my tests have failed to display any additional clues and that's because they've now ordered some new piece of equipment which isn't yet up and on-line. And when that may happen is not yet known. So, essentially, I am no closer to learning my full genome sequence now,than I was before U gave them my money several months ago. New date for results using the "new machine" is for sometime in August.
                          I've been waiting from Feb or March....
                          This is just not good enough. You have to do better.


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                            Probably still beats having to buy the equipment and run the test yourself. Sometimes things go smoothly and sometimes they don't. For the most part, I have had good success with them. Sorry that you haven't, but there are other companies out there also that would like your business. Good luck.


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                              does it beat doing it myself?

                              .....not by much.

                              Still waiting.