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    Just received my results today confirming S21+ from EthnoAncestry:
    Now I'm officially FTDNA R1b1c9!


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      Negative on U-series For Me

      I just got my results back from FTDNA and I'm completely negative on the Garvey panel (FTDNA's new U-series) for my Y-DNA SNPs. So, that makes me negative on every SNP downstream of M269 that FTDNA offers. At least I got the M269 confirmed; so it looks as though I'm a solid R1b1c*. Until FTDNA offers more SNP testing downstream of M269, I've reached a dead end on Y-DNA. It's time to get started on mtDNA testing now and see what that reveals.


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        SNP - rs34276300

        If you have tested negative for all deep SNP markers below M269 (=R1b1c*), you should consider testing for this SNP. It has the potential to split R1b1c into two parts. We don't know how many of those who are currently R1b1c* are negative for rs34276300 (called S116 by EthnoAncestry) and how many are positive. Testing is the only way to know and it's now available at FTDNA.

        The price for this single SNP will be $19. If you want to order it, email [email protected] with your kit # and they will contact you about details for placing the order.


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          Re: SNP - rs34276300

          Yes, thanks, I saw the message from FTDNA a couple of days in another forum and promptly sent an e-mail message to the address shown, indicating I wanted to have the test done. So far, I've heard no acknowledgment from FTDNA they received my message and will do the test.

          This way of ordering the test seemed to be a bit odd to me in that it's so different from the ordering method I've previously used for FTDNA. Anyway, I'm still awaiting instructions from FTDNA on how to order/pay for the test. Maybe I'll send them a follow-up message today.


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            DeepSNP-R1b1c U Series Batch 246

            Are there any others waiting for their U series test results besides me?


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              You're not alone

              Yes, there are two more members of the U106+ Project waiting their U Series results in this batch.