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  • Batch 236 Created

    Kit Received 12/07/2007
    Batch 236 created 12/12/2007

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    Due date: 17 Feb 2008


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      FTDNA must be having difficulties. This batch appears "dead in the water." Orders from the past week are still listed in "Pending Shipment to Lab", and orders in "Unreceived Lab Results" are listed as batch 0 with due dates in February 2003.


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        Problem is now fixed.


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          Due date now is January 28, 2008


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            Test failure

            My FGS test failed. New due date is Feb 22.


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              The second part of my brother's 25 marker (13-25) came back as unreadable, as well. I'm wondering if the second part was unreadable, perhaps the first results we received were compromised, too? I will have to email and ask.


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                FGS posted today!

                My FGS test results have been posted today! The sample test failed for the Jan 28 due date and the next due date was ste for Feb 22. I'm glad my results came early and even better, out of 5 high-res matches, I now have an exact FGS match! I presume the others have not tested for their FGS yet.


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                  My uncle's DNA sample is or was in batch 236; a 37 to 67 marker upgrade. The date for results was postponed once to Feb 22, 08 and now the first panel needs new swabs and the next 2 panels are running the B swab with results March 7 and March 22, 08. I realize that certain things are required for accurate results but couldn't you tell the sample was not going to yield results without waiting three months before you send the kit out again. I had an upgrade done on another kit in batch 235 which was supposed to have results on Dec 24, 2007 (I didn't really expect them on Christmas eve if I didn't get them early but if their dates for pending results are to mean anything someone at FTDNA should realize that as well) Actual change of date received early Jan with the results coming earlier than that date in late Jan. Does anyone ever get them by the first date given; even within a few days?


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                    FTDNA has a standard process for retesting:

                    - If the first test on swab A doesn't yield good results, they retest swab A, since there could have simply been a problem with the reaction or not enough quality DNA in the test sample (for each test, they use only a small portion of the sample you submited).

                    - If the second test on swab A also fails, then they move to swab B.

                    - If the first test on swab B fails, they try again on swab B, just like they did for swab A.

                    - If both A & B fail two times, then they send out a new kit.

                    Unfortunately, it takes the same 3-4 weeks for each test, so that's why there's a long delay before you find out you need new samples.

                    Plenty of people DO get results on or before the projected due date. It's a small percentage of people who have failed tests, but due to the volume that FTDNA handles, I imagine that's still a lot of people.

                    I know the wait is frustrating, I've been there myself -- but it's worth it in the end!



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                      Retest Procedures

                      Elizabeth you do have company. I have been waiting for results on batch 234 which was submitted 11/28. This was a 25-67 upgrade. We have one remaining panel 26-37. Yes,the results are worth the wait and I understand the retest process. That being said I am a product of the Fedex,FAX Email generation so waiting three months for anything is very hard.

                      I would love to see FTDNA work out some sort of escalation procedure where after each additional failure more attention is given towards closing out the batch. At this point I would like to know a Senior member of FTDNA's staff is personally tracking the open tests and working to get the results. Instead I get the sense that the retests are just put back in the process without regard for the individual customer frustration that comes with waiting months for results.

                      I am very happy with FTDNA as a company , I am just frustrated at the long delays in getting results if there are problems.



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                        Why would the B swab produce results for panels 2 and 3 but not the first one? How often does this happen? I am trying to get a DNA sample for a branch of my family that has almost daughtered out. I only know of one donor and he is not a young man. Should I get 3 swabs instead of two when the original test is ordered. I have complete confidence in FTDNA and realize these things do not happen overnight and completely agreed that some priority be given to failed tests. It seems as if the tests start at square one each time.
                        I thought kids taught you patience but DNA testing is better; first waiting for results and then learning from the associations which develop among the others in the database as it expands.