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Batch 217 created

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  • Batch 217 created

    My autosomal tests are in this batch. Created 8/9/07: 217.
    Expected: 9/24/07.

    Haplogroup: K

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    Another Exciting Event

    Isn't is amazing how they create a new batch every Wednesday, unless it a holiday, and they only add one to the batch number each time.

    Just think how many messages there would be in this topic if each person in a new batch posted a message telling us they were in the batch.


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      Batches -yay

      I love the batch created links. It's a place for us to tell when our results come in which is not as predictable!


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        New member Batch 217


        This is all new to me. I joined the Irish Heritage DNA Project, and have been notified that I am in Batch 217.

        I have questions, and I don't want to keep bugging the people at the info center. I'm being tested for Y-25. How much information should I expect? My Dad was from Ireland, and I can track the paper trail back to 1829 when my great, great grandfather was born (Mogue Kehoe). I am quite certain from birth records that there were no adoptions.

        Being that my surname "Kehoe" is a native Irish name (Mac Eochaidh), I would expect to be R1b1. The names I have seen from "related" families in Leinster, Byrne, Dowling, Kavanaugh, etc., have all come up R1b1.

        Will a y-25 be able to show a relationship between the Kehoes and the Byrnes as is recorded in Irish Annals? Will I be able to tell how long my paternal line has been in Ireland. I would love to think we were living in Ireland during the erection of the stone monuments.

        To be honest, I'm preparing myself for the possibility of not being an R1b1, but I just don't see how it could happen. Well of course there is the possibility of distant adoption and/or illigitamcy.

        Thanks for your time and good luck to all! Miles Kehoe


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          any Y-DNA results from Batch 217?

          I expected results yesterday -- none posted yet.
          Just wondering if anyone has results from this batch.


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            Still Waiting

            Three sets of results from this batch not yet received.