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  • Batch 213 Created

    mtDNA(HVR1) 08/27/2007 213

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    My E-V Series Deep Test is in this batch. It's due on August 22--not too far away.


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      My CCR5 test is in this batch.
      Mine will be ready on or near 08/27/2007.

      213. Los Angeles area code I've never been there.


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        nothing yet

        It was due today. There is nothing up yet for my CCR5 test that is in this batch 213.
        My subclade test in batch 212 is being rerun. Maybe my 213 CCR5 will be rerun too.


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          Just got my mail. Received a packet in the mail from FTDNA containing C&D&E swabs+vials.
          Letter starts out saying "Dear Fellow Geneaologist,
          Unfortunately the lab has been unsuccessful in extracting the DNA from both of your vials."
          And I have to mail it back to them, so that means I have to make a trip to the post office.
          I suppose it is for both my H subclade and ccr5 tests.


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            Originally posted by Gene2005
            Hello everyone,
            Rainbow i have question:
            My nephew`s sub-clad SNP test was due last month and the test have been redone three time already, Do you think The FamilyTree DNA will have him do the swabbing again?
            Hi Gene2005.
            I don't know. Maybe. Probably. My guess is yes.

            I don't understand why the Genographic Project/FTDNA were able to tell me that I'm H 16519C last year, but the same scraping/swabs from that have no dna now.
            The date on the packet says it was mailed the 20th. It took 7 days.
            The post office for my zip code is south of me, but there is another one (different zip code) that is actually a lot closer, I'll go there instead because it's a block away from my bank, and I'll stop by there too. Instead of 2 trips, just one trip.
            I did swab&vial C so far.
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              Originally posted by Gene2005
              Hey Rainbow,
              Thank you for your response, I agreed with you about this swab situation, and would you please tell how your testing turn out, i would like very much to hear the out come.
              Thank you
              I was going to say what my result is but now I have to wait for probably at least another month or longer to know what it will be because FTDNA will be starting from the beginning with my new swabs.


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                October 23

                The two tests I ordered, one in batch 212, one in batch 213, are now together in a new batch, 221. Did swab & vials C+D+E. New expected date is October 23.

                CCR5 & the subclade test for my H.