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  • Batch 200 - still waiting

    04/10/2007 received confirmation that my order was received and results were expected 05/28/2007, but I am still waiting today 06/29/2007, even though the tests are running at full speed. I guess the next thing I'll see is that my sample didn't provide good enough results so I'll wait another month or so. If that is the case, they're a week late posting it on the website.
    mtHVR2toMega(FGS) 05/28/2007 200
    mtHVR2toMega(FGS) 06/22/2007 200

    The mitochondrial full sequence tests are now running at full speed at Family Tree DNA's Genomics Research Center. Results are expected back by by this date.
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    As I was posting my message, I received an email telling me my results were posted. Simply amazing!