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    Everyone is Welcome...even Jim...(humour intended Jim )

    An Alumni Lounge idea generated in the World Famous 147 Batch Thread.

    If it ...if it gets deleted

    We might as well enjoy the wait for our results together...
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    ROLL CALL: What batch(es) have YOU graduated from?

    This thread is a good idea. We could start by sharing what batches we've graduated from -- a roll call, of sorts

    I'm including batches from my surname project since it's a small one and I contributed $$ to several of the tests, but those with larger projects probably shouldn't list ALL their project's batches

    129: Y-DNA12 for Palevsky project member (my 1st DNA test ever)
    130: Y-DNA25 for Palevsky project member (a match!)
    135: Y-DNA25 for Palevsky project member (another match!)
    136: Y-DNA25 for Palevsky project member (and yet another match!)
    137: Y-Refine25to37 for Palevsky project member

    137: mtDNA through Genographic Project (batch estimated -- GP doesn't show batch numbers)
    144: mtDNA Refine

    I think that's it.... so far


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      I am in Batch 147 due 22 May. SNP teas and 38-59 markers.

      I also await Batch 153...My Refined MTdna ..that is due July 3rd.

      This will be my 4th or 5th batch results for myself. I have found my results have been a few days early in most cases. Of course the lab must be getting busier and i'm just hoping for the best.


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        Still Waiting to Graduate

        I'm not an alumnus yet: still no results from Batch 147.

        I hope FTDNA will take pity on me and get me my results soon.

        I'm probably one of their best salesmen ever. I'm already recruiting my middle school students and selling them on the idea of DNA testing with FTDNA. I've already had one kid submit a Genographic Project kit. His last name is one of those UiNeill names that may be descended from Niall of the All Nighters.

        If I ever do get my results from Batch 147, I plan to be a repeat customer, going the deep clade and mtDNA routes.

        But I can't spend any more money while I'm still waiting to find out if I belong to homo sapiens sapiens.

        Sigh . . .

        Maybe I'm jumping the gun in feeling down: my target date is not until tomorrow (May 19). It's just that many of my Batch 147 classmates have gotten their results already.

        So, to be fair, FTDNA is still on time. They've just been ahead of time in many cases.
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          You still have an earlier result date than me. my results are due Monday May 22 in Batch 147...Maybe they'll send me a broom to sweep up the place when i leave?

          I get to chew my nails all weekend,
          and you must be carefull with teeth like this


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            I bet in your class you've got at least one little "pizza-pasta-mandolino-paisà" too...


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              Originally posted by F.E.C.

              I bet in your class you've got at least one little "pizza-pasta-mandolino-paisà" too...
              Another one of those chariot-riding Romano-Celt R1b kind of guys?


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                Originally posted by Stevo
                Another one of those chariot-riding Romano-Celt R1b kind of guys?
                Yeah and don't forget two-edged-hatchett-wielding.


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                  Originally posted by F.E.C.
                  Yeah and don't forget two-edged-hatchett-wielding.
                  DNA testing is kind of two-edged, isn't it?

                  So you have a test in Batch 147, Francesco?

                  Deep clade R1b maybe?

                  No results yet?


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                    The Purpose Of The Thread

                    The purpose is to help people deal with the wait not to be a social club it doesnt work that way and shouldnt . some people really have problems and thats a serious thing


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                      Hopefully we can ease the waiting along together. We're a friendly enough bunch.

                      We do appreciate all the hard work you put in Jim.


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                        I think waiting together is productive..It has surely been a learning experience for me listening to all of you...
                        I still have some waiting to do..My HVR2 is due in Batch 146 5/24..wonder if that will show much difference?I'm J2 as I'm sure I shared..
                        Also the 25-37 marker part of my maternal cousin's is due in Batch 148 5/31.

                        I was debating with myself in doing the mtDNA Mega or whatever it is called..ha ha..I forget..but it APPEARS to be $795 more and that is a tad steep I think..Big Hmmmm...

                        I am enjoying my J2 status and learning more
                        Steve I insist that you get your results immediately!


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                          waiting together is useful

                          I found it much easier to wait with other people. I felt pretty weird in batch 144 getting all worried about my haplogroup, when it all happened thousands of years ago.
                          I think Stevo should get his results immediately.
                          I'm still trying to figure out how I can get genealogy and DNA into my middle school earth science classes next year.
                          I know I sort of stopped everybody in my tracks when I announced to one of my classes that Oetzi (Iceman), was a cousin.
                          I mean he is.
                          I absolutely insist that Stevo get his results tonight.


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                            i would guess that you are a cousin to Oetzi's Mom. It's too bad they couldn't get any y-dna. Maybe in the future they will find out more?


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                              The purpose is to help people deal with the wait not to be a social club it doesnt work that way and shouldnt .
                              Why shouldn't there be a place somewhere on this forum where a group of people who share a common interest in DNA analysis can go to be "social" with one fray off the beaten path why they wait their "60 days"? Most forums do have areas for such off-topic postings and so should this forum.

                              FTDNA would not survive without its customers and I don't know about you, but I am a BIG spender on their products so WE the "customers" have rights.

                              So lighten-up and "deal with it", Jimmy!